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Growth of the SMP Industry In Canada

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The Canadian scalp micropigmentation industry has been slow to catch up with its rivals in the United States and Europe. All this is changing in 2019.

The market north of the North American border has always been hampered by geography. With such vast distances from city to city, historically Canadian SMP clients have been much less willing or able to travel to seek out the best technicians. Unfortunately this has enabled sub-standard clinics to flourish due to a lack of accessible high quality alternatives.

Thankfully in 2019 all this has now changed. Canada is now home to a number of high quality scalp micropigmentation clinics that offer great service and world class results.

Here are our recommended clinics for clients in Canada:

  • Scalp Amplified Studio (Hamilton, ON)
  • RK Scalp (London, ON)
  • Unyozi Beauty (Toronto, ON)
  • Clinique Scalp Elite (Various, QC)
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