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vinci hair clinic scalp micropigmentation in rio de janeiro

Vinci hair clinic
Rio De janeiro, Brazil

When beginning in the hair loss restoration industry Vinci Clinics journey was solely a medical affair. Fast forward to 2009 and they introduced the innovative and non-invasive, non-surgical procedure known as Scalp Micropigmentation. Combining their medical knowledge and experience, all of Vinci’s clinics are beautifully equipped to guide you through your hair restoration process, finding best-fit solutions specifically tailored to needs.

Priding themselves on their knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment and techniques the impact their work has on the recipient’s life is groundbreaking. Initial consultants are always free of charge and their technicians are fully versed in Scalp Micropigmentation treatments.

With locations throughout the world, their Rio de Janeiro clinic is well placed for not only national but also international patients. Being a short distance from airports and with strong rail and road links your hair loss solution is easy and painless in this modern Rio clinic.

T: +55 (21) 3500 1736
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vinci hair clinic scalp micropigmentation in sao paulo

Vinci hair clinic
Sao Paulo, Brazil

If you’re looking for a hair restoration procedure in São Paulo, Vinci Hair Clinic has made life simple for you. With two locations in this vibrant and rich South American state, their central clinic is in the Capital Corporate Offices close to Morumbi mall. The second clinic sits in the Medic Life Building, Alphaville, and provides everything you’ll need for your hair loss treatment and has the added comfort of a landing strip and gymnasium.

Vinci Hair Clinics are veritable world leaders in hair restoration and owing to their state-of-the-art equipment and sheer dedication to research and development their services are second to none.Experts in the art of Scalp Micropigmentation, FUE and FUT transplants their service is world class and reputable.

Booking appointments is an easy process and you can either contact them online via their help center or alternatively, by email. All information can be found on their website. São Paulo is a great destination and for all out of state clients, both clinics are just a short drive from Guarulhos International airport.

T: +55 (11) 2970 4700
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advice for clients considering scalp micropigmentation in brazil

Ok, let’s try and get our heads around the very king of the South American jungle – Brazil! “But what’s there to get our heads around” we hear you cry? Oh dear reader, do you know just how big this crazy country is? Well, it’s 8.511.965 km², the 5th largest country in the world & you could fit the whole of Europe inside of it. Yup, it’s huge!

What does this mean? It means you’ve got a load of things to see as well as getting your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment done. There are beaches (and pretty darned nice ones at that), buzzing cities with huge mardi gras’ packed full of colour, rainforest (the Amazon in case you weren’t sure which one) & sand dunes and lagoons along with delectable culinary delights.


Regarding visa applications, it’s always advisable to investigate each and every individual case before you even begin. For British nationals who are solely visiting, theoretically, the process is very straightforward. Validity of passports, proof that you can support yourself and have accommodation for the duration of your visit etc. However, for further information regarding the rules and regulations of Brazilian travel, check this out here.

Concerning vaccinations, verify that your standard boosters are up to date and always verify the need for yellow fever certificates as it regulations change regularly. It’s recommended, should you be travelling to the smaller towns and villages, that you protect yourself against typhoid and malaria, albeit not mandatory.

Another useful thing when planning a trip to Brazil will be a brush up on those language skills. Surprisingly, you’ll find that there are substantial number of people who don’t speak English – also in the larger cities! The official language is Portuguese & there are also a good few dialects… so the very best of luck!

The only legal tender in Brazil is the Brazilian Real. It’s advisable to take some with you before you begin but you can certainly exchange money on arrival.



Packing your bags for a trip to Brazil isn’t a complex affair, clearly you’ll be wanting to spend some time on the beach so swimwear and flip flops will be essential. However, you’ll also need some great bug repellent and very good sun protection, especially for the more delicate skinned amongst you. We have to stress that time on the beach should really be limited to before you have your scalp micropigmentation treatment. And we recommend you wear a lightweight hat post treatment and avoid using suncreams.

It’s true, the weather can be glorious in Brazil but it does actually rain on occasions – and big time. Ensure that you’ve got some waterproof coats that are lightweight and easy to dry out. Additionally, ensure that you’ve decent walking shoes and if you’re planning to take a trip to the Amazon you’ll need hiking boots along with some long trousers to protect against bites from bugs. Also remember that albeit that it can be really very warm, it can cool down substantially in the evenings so don’t forget a cardigan or pullover.

Wifi can be a little hit and miss in Brazil so you’ll also need to pack a phrase book as you’ll not necessarily be able to rely on the internet for this.

Finally, don’t forget to take copies of all documents, passports, driving licences etc. Petty theft is not unheard of in Brazil and people do lose stuff – they’re much easier to replace if you have a copy of them! Better to be safe than sorry!


Finding accommodation in Brazil is not overly complicated and you can certainly visit the local tourist information offices on arrival or book via Booking or

The standards are fairly variable but generally, if you hunt for long enough, you’ll find a decent quality that’s clean and functional for under a 100 USD per evening.

You can also look at the lower end of the scale and there’s a great selection of family run hotels that can accommodate this.

For a more detailed guide to booking accommodation in Brazil, why not check out the rough guides to South America. And if you fancy the idea of really integrating, why not consider the option of a homestay.

And let’s chuck a wild card in here… if you’re planning to remain for a while check out this fabulous link.

Getting Around

First and foremost, if you’re thinking of train travel – ditch the idea. Trains have been pretty much diminished to zero! There are a few smaller routes that you can take via steam train but essentially, there are easier modes of transport.

Essentially, given the size of Brazil, the easiest way of travelling within the country is via domestic flights. They’re reasonably priced and the country is well geared up. Click here for information about an airpass and to book internal flights.

Bus travel for long distances work well in Brazil & to boot, they’re clean, on time & plentiful. There’s a plethora of private companies that operate and here’s a site where you can check out times and prices.

It’s useful to note that bus travel in the centre of the busy cities (and when we say busy, we mean busy) can be a slightly slow and painful experience. For this reason, taxis are a preferred inner-city mode of transport. You can take either a taxi or a minivan and the fares are metered except in smaller towns. If you find that there isn’t a meter ensure that you agree on a price before you leave for your destination and note that during the month of December the fares can go up!!

If you’re planning on driving in Brazil, it’s useful to know that parking is a proverbial nightmare in the cities. It’s probably also useful to know that the death rate owing to crazy driving is one of the highest in the world. Yup, it’s for the brave and the bold! But if you are one of those brave and bold people, we suggest you try Kayak for Brazil car rental.