Bodyshockers episode: scalp micropigmentation results

bodyshockers scalp micropigmentation

This show aired a long time ago now, but just recently we’ve had a glut of people making reference to the Bodyshockers scalp micropigmentation episode.

For those who haven’t seen it, Bodyshockers was a successful UK TV show that ran on Channel 4, and covered all manner of cosmetic procedures including hair transplants, and in one particular episode, scalp micropigmentation.

The client’s name was Adam, and he had his procedure at Skalp clinic. Although we can’t show the episode for copyright reasons, here is Adam’s testimonial following the show, and of course, before and after his treatment.

Proportionally, the SMP solution gets a lot less airtime than some of the more traditional options like surgery and hair systems. Such extensive coverage by Channel 4 was therefore breaking new ground at the time, perhaps explaining why even now, the video still attracts a lot of attention, with more than 60,000 views to date.

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