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SMP BEL: ProHairClinic

Antwerp, Belgium

One of the world’s most respected hair transplant clinics, Prohairclinic offer tricopigmentation as a standalone procedure, or as a combination solution with FUE hair transplantation. Prohairclinic is almost certainly the most experienced tricopigmentation clinic in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Prohairclinic does not have a large team, however they focus on personal experience and delivery of the highest possible quality. Their professional tricopigmentation experts have acquired in-depth knowledge of hair loss through their extensive hair transplantation background, and have been internationally recognised for exceptional patient outcomes since their inception in 2004.

T België: 03 8991916 | T Nederland: 085 8886231
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Belgium scalp micropigmentation expert delivers world class permanent SMP

Hugues Pastoret, Founder of Brussels clinic Hair Tattoo By Hugues, first introduced permanent scalp micropigmentation procedures to Belgium in January 2013. Although tricopigmentation options existed at the time, Hugues was the first permanent SMP specialist in Belgium and his business has flourished ever since.

Trained by Matthew Iulo of Scalp Micro USA, one of the world’s very finest technicians, Hugues Pastoret is demonstrating some great work from his clinic in Brussels.

I wanted to learn more about the man behind the procedures, so I caught up with Hugues between clients. I asked him how he started in scalp micropigmentation, and what made him choose this industry.

In 2010 I lived in the Caribbean. My partner was losing his hair and he was always looking for a solution. He was about to give up, when he discovered capillary micropigmentation. He was really excited about the idea, and he told me what he’d found because he knew I was looking for a career change.

I thought about this for a long time. I came to realize that this technique has a lot of advantages over other baldness remedies. When I returned to Europe in 2012, I decided I would become the best technician I could be, and set up a clinic offering this treatment to clients in Belgium and elsewhere in Western Europe.

Another great treatment in progress at Hair Tattoo By Hugues.
Another great treatment in progress at Hair Tattoo By Hugues.

To realize his ambition and become a world class technician, Hugues needed the best training. The options available were much more limited back then, so he decided to fly to the United States to train with the best. He chose Matthew Iulo of Scalp Micro USA, one of the most respected and successful clinics in North America, and completed basic and advanced training in scalp micropigmentation techniques.

Hugues chose Brussels as the venue for his new clinic, and his work gained the attention of clients from around the world. People fly to Hugues from near and far to have their procedures with Hair Tattoo By Hugues.
tomBefore and after

Before and after
Great examples of work by Hair Tattoo By Hugues. The more of Hugues’ work I see, the more I respect and appreciate his adaptability and diversity. Hugues is capable of working on any skin color, on clients at any stage of hair loss. He has even diversified into beard micropigmentation, further proof of the depth of his knowledge and skill.

Key to Hugues success is his warm and friendly persona. Choosing to have scalp micropigmentation is a huge decision for many people, so being able to relate to customers is a real advantage in this business. I asked Hugues what he feels sets him apart:

I try very hard to put my clients at ease. I am patient, I listen to my clients and I always focus on the details. I am very passionate about my work and I have frank and casual contact with my clients. I have respect for a job well done, be it from me or made by others. I want to constantly evolve to offer the best.

Training opportunities

Hugues Pastoret is passionate about training, and helps many other technicians become scalp micropigmentation experts. High quality training options are not easy to find in Europe, with most of the best training courses available in the United Kingdom and United States only.

Hugues is changing all that with the introduction of a dedicated training course at his clinic in Belgium, offering a truly viable alternative that enables trainees to start out in the industry as competent technicians. He also travels all over the world, training technicians in their own clinics and salons in the art of scalp micropigmentation.

Hugues’ trainees also have an opportunity to work in collaboration with his company on a longer term basis, including the option to carry his company name for improved brand awareness. Hugues is already working in collaboration with an aesthetic skin clinic, and numerous other partnerships are at the discussion stage.

How to contact Hugues Pastoret

Hair Tattoo By Hugues
Place du Grand Sablon
1000 Bruxelles

T: +32 497 82 10 24

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