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Scalp Micropigmentation Before And After Photos | Team Micro

Scalp Micropigmentation Before And After Photos

before and after scalp micropigmentation treatments

Photos speak a thousand words. When searching for the best scalp micropigmentation company in your area, you need to ask for their before and after photographs to verify their work.Although factors such as location, cost, experience and service are all important, the single most significant variable is the quality of work produced by a clinic or technician. Before and after photos are often the best resource available to make that assessment.What should you look for?Ideally you want to find client photographs that show results similar to what you hope to achieve from your own treatment. So seek out before and after photos that show clients with similar skin tone, hair color and treatment requirements to yours.You’re also looking for healed photos, not shots taken immediately after treatment.Verify that the photos you’re looking at are the property of, and represent the work of, the specific clinic you are considering for treatment. Some clinics use photos from other clinics without permission.Finally, look for any evidence of tampering. Unfortunately a handful of clinics use Photoshop a little more than they should. Enhancing and touching-up is fine, but significantly altering the appearance of a completed treatment is not.A selection of before and afters Beauty Care Nederland client before and after scalp micropigmentation[/caption] Scalp Ink Design client before and after scalp micropigmentation[/caption] Great treatment by Scalp Micro USA[/caption] Client treated by UK practitioner Helena Fryer[/caption] This client received his SMP treatment at Hairline Ink[/caption] Great treatment by Ian Dennis of Scalpp in Houston[/caption] Before and after treatment by Foli Sim in Perth, Australia[/caption] A female density fill treatment by Caitlin James of SMP Australia[/caption] A tricopigmentation client treated by Erik Cavagnuolo of NYC clinic Ahead Ink[/caption]