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Before and after scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation before and after

When researching this process, photographs showing real people before and after scalp micropigmentation are an essential component of the decision making process.

Although factors such as location, cost, experience and service are all important, the single most significant variable is the quality of work produced by a clinic or technician. Before and after photos are often the best resource available to make that judgment, with the exception of meeting real clients face to face of course.

Our situation is unique of course, because Scalp Guru is not a clinic. This means we can show photos before and after scalp micropigmentation from a wide range of clinics, here in one place.

6 thoughts on “Before and after scalp micropigmentation

  1. Bernard says:

    Hello, im livining in vancouver B.C Canada , and i was wondering if you guys know anyone who you could recomend around here? Thanks!!!!

  2. John says:

    Thanks for your reply. Im definately ok with going to new york. Do you know of anyone who can do the feathered hairline in new york?

    • Damien Porter says:

      Hi John. Yes, but we only recommend specific clinics with photos, so we can see exactly what needs to be done.

      Please drop a couple of photos and your cell number to me at damien@scalpguru.com, and I’ll come back to you with our best recommendation. I have a clinic in mind that I believe suits your needs, but I need to check your photos first.

      • John says:

        Im interested in the 3d technique; Would u recommend headstrongny.com? I live in nj so im close and i heard some online comments that he was the best. Please advise

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