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SMP AUS: Luxemicro SMP

Luxemicro SMP
Melbourne, Victoria

Our practitioner is highly qualified and trained as specialist in hair tattooing by some of the best in the industry. We use the scalp micropigmentation process to restore hairlines, lost density and conceal hair transplant scars and alopecia for our male clients, and we cover all up kinds of alopecia and thinning hair for our female clients.

Our clinic is fully equipped with the very latest hair tattoo equipment needed to provide the best results possible and is conveniently located in the South East of Melbourne.

T: 0451273940
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SMP AUS: SMP Australia (Melbourne)

SMP Australia
Melbourne, Victoria

Claudia Leahy is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner in Collingwood Melbourne – originally a full time practitioner at the highly respected Vinci International Scalp MicroPigmentation where she learnt the art of creating soft and natural hairlines. Claudia is a key part of Scalp MicroPigmentation Australia as she took over the busy Melbourne location in 2018. Claudia’s talent for art began at a young age and has a love of drawing. She completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy and followed her love of art and creativity working in studio make-up and theatre special effects before changing into Scalp MicroPigmentation. Claudia is experienced in camouflaging alopecia and works well with the use of colour to bring out the best features when creating natural hairlines.

T: 1300 681 611
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Foli Sim Micropigmentation

Foli Sim
Melbourne, Victoria

Foli Sim is a family owned and operated business that prides itself on natural, undetectable scalp micropigmentation and outstanding customer service.

The clinics evolved from Medical Hair Restoration Australia (MHRA), owned by Kate and Michael Dawes. MHRA offers a number of hair loss solutions, including SMP, but the rising demand for scalp micropigmentation called for a dedicated clinic so they created Foli Sim SMP.

Word quickly spread of the results men and women were achieving in Perth, which lead to rapid growth and an East coast expansion. Now Foli Sim helps make up the handful of Australian clinics that specialises in SMP full time.

T: 1300 668 490
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