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SMP AUS: SMP Australia (Brisbane)

SMP Australia
Brisbane, New South Wales

Anita is an experienced Scalp MicroPigmentation practitioner and began her SMP journey in 2015. Scalp MicroPigmentation came naturally to her as she has been a cosmetic tattooist for over 15 years and ran a successful and busy cosmetic tattoo and beauty salon for over 9 years. Anita has extensive knowledge in skin anatomy and physiology and understands the importance of design when creating a natural looking hairline with Scalp MicroPigmentation. With a love of art and design, Anita can create a hairline just right for you.

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Scalp micropigmentation clinic opens in Brisbane, Australia


American scalp micropigmentation specialist Scalp Aesthetics has opened its first location outside of continental America in Brisbane, Australia.

With almost 40 Treatment Centers and counting, Scalp Aesthetics Founder Bryce Cleveland has openly declared his enthusiasm to expand the business, however until a couple of years ago this expansion had taken place exclusively within the United States, and later on included new locations in Canada and Mexico. This latest move however demonstrates his intention to cross international borders into new territories.

New partners

Scalp Aesthetics expansion into Australia is the result of a partnership formed with Think Enhanced Beauty, a highly regarded permanent makeup practice located in The Gap Village mall in Brisbane, Queensland. Headed by Cosmetic Tattooist Janice Trainer, Think Enhanced Beauty is equally keen to expand its operation following many successful years as one of Australia’s leading permanent makeup training schools.

Expanding market

Overlooked for many years by the leading scalp micropigmentation clinics, the technique was finally introduced to Australia by Ricky Hancock who founded the Shadow Clinic in Sydney in 2009 after having the treatment himself in Los Angeles. SMP Clinic followed shortly after in Parramatta, then Vinci Hair Clinic opened three locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Scalp Aesthetics is the fourth company to enter the market in Australia, choosing Brisbane as its first location.

The Australian public has responded well to an ever-increasing availability of scalp micropigmentation clinics, in fact the treatment has never been in greater demand. Unlike other parts of the world, there are very few rogue clinics in Australia. This has provided would-be clients with a great deal of confidence, as their decision-making has not been dogged by the usual horror stories that have sadly become commonplace in the UK and the United States.

Hopefully Scalp Aesthetics will retain its winning formula Down Under and provide the same high standard of treatment that their American clients enjoy. We wish them the very best of luck.

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