The 3 most common regrets after scalp micropigmentation

A significant number of scalp micropigmentation providers market their service as a 'life-changing transformation', the answer to all your prayers and the final solution that will make you unstoppable in your social circle,
regrets after scalp micropigmentation

If you’ve recently had a scalp micropigmentation treatment, and are feeling any kind of regret about having the procedure, this article is for you.

We all want to feel confident. A huge chunk of our confidence (or lack, thereof), is determined by how we look. More accurately, our confidence is based largely on how we perceive ourselves, and how we believe we are perceived by others.

A significant number of scalp micropigmentation providers market their service as a ‘life-changing transformation’, the answer to all your prayers and the final solution that will make you unstoppable in your social circle, in business, in relationships or in life in general. The idea is to paint a picture of the ‘new you’, showing how much more attractive, more successful, more authoritative, more promotion-worthy, and yes, more confident you will be after your scalp micropigmentation procedure with their company.

This approach is understandable to a point. After all, any business has the right to market itself as effectively as they can. The issue is that I have lost count of how many clients have said to me over the years:

I do feel better about how I look, but I wouldn’t describe the experience as life-changing….

I happen to know that the majority of people feel the same after their procedure. They’re happy they had it done, and no doubt the improvement to their appearance has had a positive impact on their life, but come on. Let’s not pretend that scalp micropigmentation is the answer to all anxieties, because it isn’t. With expectations like these, it’s no wonder that some people feel regret after SMP.

This article assumes, of course, that you received a great looking treatment. If you feel your treatment looks fake in any way, or has turned a blue color, that’s another matter entirely.

Why is this a problem anyway?

We don’t want to give the impression that everyone who has scalp micropigmentation was a lost and helpless soul before their procedure, do we?

Aside from the fact that this would be entirely inaccurate, the other issue is that people who are already happy, already confident and have no real issue with how they look, may be put off having the procedure because they perceive it to be only for people who are desperately unhappy with themselves.

Sound crazy? Think about it. An uber-confident guy who could still really benefit from scalp micropigmentation, isn’t exactly going to be inspired if he believes that 90% of past clients were down in the dumps before they were ‘saved’ by SMP.

Scalp micropigmentation should be aspirational, if the industry is to thrive. Want proof? Go to your local supermarket and check out the mens magazine section. Notice anything? With the exception of a few niche titles, virtually every best-selling magazine on the shelf will be aspirational in nature. I guarantee it. Men are aspirational creatures and want to be inspired, and they buy products and services that satisfy this trait.

The other issue of course, is that people who are low in confidence may believe that SMP really is the answer to all their prayers. Don’t get me wrong, I believe wholeheartedly in scalp micropigmentation and what it can do for balding men, but there are limits to what it can achieve. If the client has a chronic anxiety problem, deep-seated confidence issues or something more specific like Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), no cosmetic procedure in the world will make these problems go away.

A lot of men experience a step-change in life after their procedure. They’re happier, more confident, more successful, and are generally getting on better. I don’t deny it for one second.

I’m not saying that scalp micropigmentation can never be life-changing. I’m just saying that for the majority of people it’s an enhancement of their appearance and confidence, not a turning point in their lives or anything that dramatic. It sure looks good in the brochure, but that’s just not how people are feeling in the real world.

Why is this advice important?

Because it is so easy to get wrapped up in the sales story, and forget about the key considerations that actually matter.

I know a guy in New York who sells his SMP service like a PRO, and as a result, his clinic is very popular and he no doubt makes a huge amount of money. Unfortunately his results are pretty average, in fact some are downright sub-par.

If you’re checking out a particular clinic and they’re feeding you the story of how scalp micropigmentation will change everything about you… make you a better person, better in the boardroom, better in bed and so on, that’s fine. But don’t get so wrapped up in the moment that you forget to ask the most important questions:

  • Who is my technician?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • What results can they prove?
  • What guarantees do I have?
  • Will you honor your side of the bargain if something goes wrong?

How will you REALLY feel?

It depends on your situation.

If you’re a guy who has hidden under a hat for years, who avoids social functions or wears concealers to hide your hair loss from even your closest friends and family, then sure, you will almost certainly enjoy a happier and more confident life post-SMP.

If you want to cover a hair transplant scar, or even alopecia, following years of feeling conscious that other people might notice, then you too will probably experience great relief and a large dose of happiness after your procedure.

However, most clients simply don’t fit these profiles.

If you’re an average guy (or girl), you’re losing your hair and you’re getting fed up with it, but you would never even consider a hair transplant, then you’re with the 80-or-so percent of scalp micropigmentation clients in exactly the same position.

I am absolutely sure that following a good result at a reputable clinic, you will feel happier and more confident. Will you feel like you just won the lottery, or bagged a hot date with Mila Kunis? Or got that Chief Engineer job at NASA? Unlikely, to be honest.

It’s all about putting it in perspective. Keep your feet on the ground, have realistic expectations and enjoy the journey. Ironically, you’ll end up far happpier than the guy who expects a life-change, but instead just gets exactly what he paid for – a more youthful appearance and a modest boost in confidence.

What should clinics do?

Don’t you think that “life-changing” marketing is getting kinda boring and predictable? Every company in the SMP industry seems to be doing it, and trust a guy who is on the inside… it doesn’t work as well as you probably think it does.

If you run a clinic and are following this method, take a step back and re-evaluate. Neither Vinci Hair Clinic or HIS Hair Clinic, two of the world’s most successful scalp micropigmentation companies, partake in any of this ‘life-changing’ mumbo jumbo. They just focus on results, and it shows. Boutique clinics like Scalp Micro USA and Brandwood Clinic follow the same logic, and are experiencing huge success as a consequence.

Results are priority number one. A close second is offering the client a great service experience. Focus all your marketing efforts on showcasing your ability to deliver these two requirements. Save the blue sky stuff for another business.

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