How undetectable is scalp micropigmentation?

undetectable scalp micropigmentation

For the vast majority of people, the primary purpose of their scalp micropigmentation procedure is to recreate an ultra-natural undetectable look. They don’t want to make a statement with their new appearance, quite the opposite in fact.

There are exceptions of course, as I eluded in a recent post about straight hairlines. However most guys and girls who have SMP simply want to return to their everyday lives without anyone noticing their procedure. For this, their treatment needs to be virtually undetectable.

As human beings, we are terrified of two things – ridicule, and making a bad decision – and both of these anxieties are directly linked to the decision-making process concerning scalp micropigmentation procedures.

As an ambassador for the industry, I would love to tell you that all scalp micropigmentation procedures are flawless, and by default, undetectable. Unfortunately, this is not the reality of what we’re seeing out there.

Moving in the right direction

Overall standards in the industry are improving all the time, and the proportion of horror stories is definitely on the decrease.  However, with the exception of the requirement to acquire a basic tattoo or micropigmentation licence, this industry remains unregulated.

The vast majority of recipients achieve a really great result. Satisfaction levels are at an all-time high, and the very best technicians are able to deliver flawless, undetectable treatments. The bottom line is this – if you want the very best result, then you need to do your research and seek out the very best technician. You cannot simply purchase this service at face value, without investing the time to get educated on the process, and to work out which clinics and technicians are likely to meet your expectations.

immediately after smp treatment

Scalp micropigmentation does not cure hair loss and it is not the perfect solution. It is a 2D representation (some would argue 3D) of hair follicles that have been freshly shaven. The treatment has limits.

Super-straight hairlines, hairline positions that do not mimic your own original hairline, pointy side profiles and ultra-dense or over-worked treatments are at odds with the quest for a natural appearance. One cannot have it both ways. You need to choose a style that fits your facial structure, your age and your ethnicity if you want your ‘hair’ to go unnoticed.

We are programmed to be extremely self-critical. Of course our friends and close family stand the best chance of noticing any change, however the harsh reality is that no-one notices (or cares about) flaws in our appearance in the same way that we do ourselves.

Following your procedure, it is critical to recognize this important truth and allow ourselves to leave any hair-related anxieties behind us. It simply will not do to trade one anxiety for another by constantly nit-picking about our own procedures, potentially finding ‘flaws’ that are so minor they are barely noticeable, or in some cases, simply don’t exist.

If you want the best, most undetectable procedure, it is perfectly possible. However, you won’t necessarily achieve this by seeking the cheapest or nearest provider.

Certain individuals have established themselves as global leaders in the industry, and these highly skilled professionals are worth their weight in gold. Talent is valuable, so don’t skimp on it in the pursuit of cheap or convenient.

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