Scalp micropigmentation and grey hair

scalp micropigmentation and grey hair

In this business, we need to answer a lot of questions and we are aware that all of them have a certain basis. There are plenty of questions which we answer and each of them has its own legitimacy, given the fact that SMP is a potentially life-changer when it comes to men who get it and each one of them wants to know exactly what he is getting into from the very beginning. Hair loss is something that happens to men, but getting grey hair is another real possibility that should be taken into account when thinking about your chances at sporting a nice hairline later on during your life.

Mintel is a market research company that mainly operates in the United Kingdom and they have conducted a survey a while ago, regarding hair and its tendencies. Men with ages between 45 and 54 have been asked about their views regarding hair and 75% of them admitted that their real fear is about hair becoming grey. 52% of men are worried about going bald, so we can already sense which is the real issue when it comes to hair. 51% of men are afraid of being overweight and 50% of them are afraid of nos and ear hair, which is another common trait when it comes to men.

A client with greying hair, before and after his scalp micropigmentation treatment at Velvet Pigmentation Clinic

If you get scalp micropigmentation done, follicles will be replicated on your scalp so that the natural follicles that have been lost over the years are carefully and accurately replicated. In order for this to be achieved, the practitioner will carefully choose the needed pigments that can perfectly blend in with the real hair color that you currently sport. When it comes to choosing pigments, we are aware that each man needs something different and this is why each choosing process is tailored to one’s needs in order for success to be guaranteed.

However, even if going grey is a real concern when it comes to SMP, you should know that there isn’t too much you should fear regarding this: after you get your scalp micropigmentation treatment done, you will not have to keep hair on your head for a long time afterwards. On the other hand, going grey is an extremely slow process which does not occur over a period of days. Men can go grey over years or even decades, depending on their genes and stress levels. However, if it happens for your hair to turn grey after you get the SMP treatment done, you might actually be able to skip the touch-up session that you would otherwise have to undergo after four, five or even eight years after you’ve gone through the initial scalp micropigmentation process.

A SMP will fade away on its own over the course of several years because the immune system will gradually break apart the pigments implanted in the derma, treating them as foreign objects, and also because the sun acts against you, due to its UV rays which gradually fade away color. However, in the end, having grey hair will actually be helped out by your overall look, thanks to the gradually fading SMP treatment. It’s usually a rule of thumb when it comes to this, but our clinics were never required to take care of blending because of grey hair. The blend that we initially create will look natural over time. We even had customers who consider that grey hair is actually able to improve the overall texture of the scalp micropigmentation treatment.

There is another possibility for you: if you want to, you can get an extra session where we will make use of light pigments in order to create the texture that can also be achieved naturally. Going grey is not a process that we might make predictions about, but whenever you feel like getting your treatment improved, you can simply contact your clinic and receive a free assessment.

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