Can scalp micropigmentation be completed in one single session?

single session scalp micropigmentation

Minneapolis scalp micropigmentation provider Good Look Ink, claims that they can produce completed results in just a single day.

This flies in the face of conventional thinking amongst technicians, who claim that a full scalp micropigmentation process requires at least 2-3 sessions, and sometimes many more, to achieve the required results.

To be honest, the weight of opinion of a number of respected technicians versus the word of just one provider – I was sceptical. How could one provider have found ‘the formula’ for a single session treatment, where so many others had concluded that it simply wasn’t possible? Many technicians argue that healing time is required between sessions to assess the best way to progress, or that the correct density cannot be created in one sitting.

Upon further investigation, there are a couple of variables that have swayed my opinion on this issue.

What is a single session treatment?

Good Look Ink do not claim a ‘single session’ treatment exactly. As detailed in this section of their website, Good Look Ink has a set process whereby your session starts around 9:30am and finishes around 3:00-4:00pm. Even with breaks, that’s a much longer session than you’d expect elsewhere. The hair transplant industry would probably refer to their equivalent day as a ‘mega-session’.

The company then says:

The next morning, you’ll stop by for a follow-up where you can tweak your look (i.e. add density or tighten the hairline at the temples) if desired. We’re not done until you’re satisfied. Most of our clients tell us they’re eager get home and show off their new look. But if you have a few tweaks in mind, we’re happy to make them right on the spot.

So a ‘one day’ treatment is best described as a full day of treatment, followed by a review the next morning to take care of any imperfections.

Does it work?

At Team Micro we receive a LOT of complaints about various providers, as clients tend to come to us for advice or a second opinion. Honestly, hand on heart, I don’t remember the last time a Good Look Ink client complained about their result. If their one-and-done approach didn’t work, trust me, we’d know about it, especially when it involves a high volume clinic like Good Look Ink.

All this leaves me rather baffled to be honest. I don’t know how they do it, but it appears that Good Look Ink may have discovered ‘the formula’ to a one session process. Well, a 1.5 session process I guess, although it’s still only one trip for the client.

Very interesting, I’d just love to know how they do it.

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