World renowned SMP artists raise awareness for the Children’s Alopecia Project

Alopecia is an autoimmune hair loss disease. All forms of alopecia, from areata to totalis, can be challenging to live with, not only because of their effects but also due to the aggressive and unpredictable nature of alopecia.

For some people, the condition affects them for a limited period of time. For others it is frequently or infrequently recurrent, and for a few, the symptoms last a lifetime.

Alopecia affects men and women of all ages and ethnicities, and the trigger is not always clear. We have only limited understanding of what causes alopecia, and although some remedies are available, their effectiveness is limited and there is no cure.

Imagine, then, the psychological and emotional impact of alopecia during childhood. The condition is actually quite common among children, and its effects can be devastating at a time in life when most kids just want to fit in and feel ‘normal’.

What is the Children’s Alopecia Project?

CAP is an American charitable organization devoted specifically to kids living with alopecia. In the absence of any cure, the charity is focused on changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing self-esteem in young people affected by the disease.

A collaboration of scalp industry professionals

Scalp micropigmentation has been used as a cover-up for alopecia for many years. Not only is scalp micropigmentation one of only two guaranteed solutions for the condition (the other being wigs), thousands of sufferers have sought relief from the visible symptoms using micropigmentation.

Now, a group of the world’s best technicians are teaming up to raise awareness of the Children’s Alopecia Project and the excellent work they do to help young people with alopecia.

Five of the most respected names in the business – David Hoffer, Renata Pruszewski, John Chandler, Jeff Villenas and Fernando Cortes – are involved in the project to raise funds and awareness for the organization. The group hope that events like these will enable more people to understand the condition and provide more support for those who suffer with the condition.

When and where?

To book tickets for this event see this link.

The event takes place on Monday October 9, 2017 from 10:00 until 18:00 CDT. The event is in Chicago at the following location:

Crowne Plaza Chicago
West Loop
733 West Madison
Chicago, IL 60661

Please see the following links for more information:

The following SMP artists are supporting this event:

  • David Hoffer SMP (CA)
  • Scalp Amplified Studios (ON)
  • ScalpCo SMP (CA)
  • Picasso SMP (IL)
  • Hairline Studios (FL)

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