Permanent Makeup Adelaide

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PM AUS: Medicine Of Cosmetics

Medicine of Cosmetics
Adelaide, South Australia

At Medicine of Cosmetics our main objective is to match the correct procedure with the correct patient and deliver a high standard of care to make Cosmetic Medicine a happy experience and not one to be feared. We firmly believe that patients should not rush into unwanted procedures.

MOC is dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality cosmetic services in an efficient and caring environment, focused on meeting the needs of our patients from our surrounding community as well as rural and remote locations.

Our practice is committed to promoting wellness & anti-ageing for all our patients. We do not discriminate in the provision of excellent care and aim to treat all patients with due respect and dignity.

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PM AUS: Permanent Makeup Adelaide

Permanent Makeup Adelaide
Adelaide, South Australia

Our salon has been inspected and has received the seal of approval from our local council in regards to the required compliance laws and guidelines for skin penetration and hygiene practices. We have strict OH&S procedures by which we run our practice. This is to protect both our client and ourselves.

Strict hygiene and infection control procedures are applied and adhered to for every service we provide, so you can rest assured there is absolutely no risk whatsoever of cross infection. Our products are ALWAYS one use and disposable. The components we use come in sterile packs and are therefore disposed of after each treatment. There is absolutely never reusing or cross contamination of pigment between clients. For your assurance we are also a fully registered and insured business.

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