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Online Scalp Micropigmentation Training Courses

The perfect introduction to scalp micropigmentation, this online training course is a series of 20 tutorial videos demonstrating the fundamental techniques required for successful SMP procedures. Whilst not a replacement for face to face training, this video series provides an overview of the process and introduces skills like hairline design, pigment dilution, density creation and blending. Just access the videos or choose one of our exceptional value starter kits including choice of machine, power supply, needles, pigments and training accessories.

About This SMP Training Video Series

An ideal precursor to face to face training, each video is filmed in beautiful high definition with easy to follow explanations and guidelines for new scalp micropigmentation artists, covering the core fundamentals of SMP.

Filmed by Kevin Langley, an experienced scalp micropigmentation educator at UK clinic Scalp Studio, we show you how successful SMP procedures are performed to give you a jumpstart in your new venture.

Our video series provides a detailed insight into what is required for a successful scalp micropigmentation treatment, however this is not a fully supported training course and our videos are not intended to replace face-to-face training. We strongly advise that all technicians attend quality in-person training before working on real clients.

24 learning modules


hair loss causes and current solutions

scalp micropigmentation applications

setting up your workstation

setting up your machine

overview of pigment types

pigment dilution process

drawing hairlines and side profiles

mastering hand control

starting the procedure

depth and follicle size

mastering randomized distribution

blending into real hair

finishing the hairline

1st session objectives

2nd and 3rd session objectives

density enhancements

camouflaging FUT and FUE scars

alopecia concealment

marketing strategies



building your portfolio

buying supplies

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