USA: Brow Bar DC

Brow Bar DC
Washington DC, Maryland

Brow Bar DC is a Microblading Clinic located in Georgetown, Washington D.C. Due to the extensive duration of the Microblading procedure our schedule gets busy fast, therefore, all appointments must be booked online in advance. If you are only available at a specific day and time outside of our normal business hours, contact us directly by email for a personalized appointment request – we are flexible and happy to work with you!

T: (202) 827 4112
E: contact@browbardc.com
| W: www.browbardc.com

USA: Tai Brows

Tai Brows

Washington DC, Maryland

The fundamental mission of Tai Brows is to make cosmetic enhancement more accessible, so women can stay ahead of the latest makeup trends without constantly sacrificing their time or money. Tai Brows wants to evolve the standard makeup process from its tedious design and application, to a simple procedure where women can confidently take control of their look.

T: 301.679.5824
E: taibrows@gmail.com
| W: www.taibrowsdc.com