SEO Service

Team Micro is the leading search engine consultancy for micropigmentation clinics. We work with the world’s biggest brands and over 200 independent permanent makeup and SMP artists in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. No other specialist can match our pedigree, market knowledge or track record of results.

What is SEO?

A website that never gets found on Google is like a brochure no-one ever sees. As Facebook and Instagram get more competitive, there has never been a more important time to focus on search engine optimization (SEO). This is a complex area but Team Micro , the world’s leading SEO specialist for SMP and PMU artists, is here to deliver the results you need.

Google Search

Google is by far the best place to find customers who are actively searching and looking to book. We rank your website so you’re more likely to be found.

Google Maps

Pushing your Google Business entry to rank well on Google Maps is crucial to any SEO strategy. We give Google what they want to see to rank you higher.


You want potential clients to contact you, right? We create optimal conditions for the maximum number of calls, emails and messages from your website.

Why Choose Team Micro?

Proven Track Record

We walk the walk. With over 15 years of SEO experience, we have worked with hundreds of PMU and SMP clinics. Many clinics rank top of Google in the most competitive cities because of the work we've done for them, and itseld derives some 3200+ visits per day from SEO alone. So we know a thing or two about SEO.


Team Micro is not just an SEO agency. We supply hundreds of clinics with products, we run a major international conference and we admin one of the largest industry Facebook groups. Relationships are important to us, so we will simply never let you down.


Truly effective SEO doesn't come cheap, but we've honed our process into packages that most clinic owners can afford.

Results You Can See

Much of the SEO work we do takes place behind the scenes. Its a complex and laborious process that takes place over several months. If you want the detail, this is what we do:

As we don’t expect or need you to understand the in-and-outs of advanced SEO, we provide all our clients with a rank tracker. This tracker enables you to check your rankings in real time, any time you want, and alleviates the need for old fashioned monthly reports.

For those who have an understanding of SEO, you should be aware of a few things. First, we go way beyond the basics and the capability of most so-called ‘experts’. Second, we build links that are not available to purchase on the open market, giving you a huge advantage.

Finally, we’ve distilled 15 years of front-line SEO experience into our secret sauce, techniques, and we will never share our exact process with anyone. These techniques have enabled us to rank PMU and SMP clinics in some of the most competitive cities in the world, and generate over 3200 daily visitors for our own website, These same techniques, we deploy on your website to skyrocket your rankings and seriously elevate your business to new heights.