Team Micro is the leading search engine consultancy for micropigmentation clinics. We work with the world’s biggest brands and over 200 independent permanent makeup and SMP artists in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. No other specialist can match our pedigree, market knowledge or track record of results.

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SEO requires ongoing work and takes time to kick in. Google ultimately determines how it responds to our SEO work, therefore we do not 100% guarantee results. Nor can any ethical SEO specialist. We do guarantee however, that we will give your website the best possible chance to rank on Google, using a combination of accepted best practices as well as less common, more advanced techniques. We know how to rank, it’s what we do.

Minimum term on all SEO packages is 6 months. In some cases, although not often, we may require a 12 month minimum term. We know SEO and we know micropigmentation, so our services are in high demand. For this reason we reserve the right to choose who we work with.

The KINGS of Google! We rank for everything we need to keep our clinic busy and our bills paid. I recommend Team Micro to all my students.

Chris Herrera / SMP MD
Taryn Quinterri scalp micropigmentation trainer

I had THREE calls for scar camo and areola this week alone, all thanks to the SEO work by Team Micro.

Taryn Quinterri / Cosmetic Aesthetics

Team Micro are THE most knowledgeable on this topic in the industry. 100% recommended.

Michelle Stehle / Hairline Heroine

Let me tell you all I’ve been in this industry a long time now, What Damien did for us is truly amazing!!!!! Thx Brother 🙏🏼 looking forward to many years of success with Team Micro on our team!!!!!

Daniel Yerenburg / Scalp Allure

Jargon Buster

standard SEO package

full website SEO audit

Our approach is fully tailored to each individual client and website. To deliver this custom approach, we first need to understand the current standing of your website from an SEO perspective. We assess various factors including the age, speed, structure, indexability and mobile-friendliness of your website. We also look at your inbound links and specialist metrics like Domain Authority (DA) as well as your current ranking positions. This information shapes how we carry out SEO work for you for best results.

on-page SEO for your chosen keyword

We optimize your website’s on-page signals to show Google that your website is a highly relevant and authoritative source of information for people searching for your main keyword, for example, ‘permanent makeup in austin’.

Website speed enhancement

The loading speed of your website is critical for SEO, and has a direct influence on your rankings. This is especially important now so many people use their mobile devices to find what they are looking for. We use advanced pieces of software to dramatically reduce your websites loading time.

Professional citations

Google takes notice when your company name, address and phone number (NAP) is mentioned (cited) on multiple websites online. We add or update your website on 30+ directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages and Superpages to ensure your NAP is consistent with your Google Business listing. This has a significant impact on your local rankings and helps you get ranked on Google Maps.

Ongoing link building service

Links from other websites to your website (often called backlinks) are seen by Google as ‘votes’ for your website, and are the single biggest ranking factor. We build quality links to your website that are safe and well regarded by Google to boost your rankings.

rank tracker to monitor your progress

We believe in transparency, and want you to know how things are going at any given time. For this reason we provide you with an independent tracker so you can monitor how your rankings are improving over time.

heavyweight SEO package

Advanced website speed enhancement

In addition to speed enhancements included in our Standard package, our Heavyweight package includes more advanced speed optimizations including minimizing and restructuring critical files like CSS and Javascript to make your website load even faster.

Boosted 60+ citations package

Like our Standard citations service, this boosted version doubles the number of mentions of your company name, address and phone number (NAP). This means your website is listed in even more places online, sending a strong signal to Google that your business is legit and worthy of better rankings.

Heavyweight (top secret) links

Our secret sauce, so we can’t say too much. Let’s just say these are very powerful links we’ve used to rank some of the world’s biggest clinics.

Advanced silo technique

Siloing is one of the most powerful techniques in SEO. Think of it as clustering your most important pages with FOUR supporting articles (not posts in your blog), and structuring your website in such a way that passes the power of these articles to the pages that need it most. It’s like adding players to your team, giving you a significant advantage over 99% of your competition who do not understand, or are not using this technique. Powerful stuff.

ultimate SEO package

Complete website restructure

The chances are your website wasn’t built by an SEO expert. We remap your website for total optimization, adding new pages if necessary, trimming useless content, optimizing every inch that we can, and restructure your parent and child pages with new URL’s and links from page to page for best possible results. This takes a lot of work, but our results speak for themselves.

Sitewide image speed optimization

We crunch and optimize every image on your website for the fastest loading speeds, without visibly affecting the quality of your images. This not only helps your website load significantly faster, which is great for SEO of course, but also helps your photos rank on Google Images.

Website registered with Google

We set up and optimize a new Google Search Console account for your website. We tell Google how you want to rank, and ask Google to check your website for any errors that may affect your rankings.

Coded XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is like an index of your website, designed exclusively for search engines. They help Google find all the pages on your website, and alert search engines when pages are added or updated.

Massive 120+ citations package

A huge citations package including over 120 mentions of your company name, address and phone number (NAP) on major business directory websites. This sends a crystal clear signal to Google that your business is the real deal.

Our most powerful links

Definitely the best part of our Ultimate SEO package, these top secret links are what we use to rank Team Micro, the world’s biggest micropigmentation website, and many of our VIP clients including some of the world’s biggest brands. You will not find links like these anywhere else, and they provide a huge advantage over your competition.

Advanced silo technique

A more intensive version of the silo technique used in our Heavyweight package, our Ultimate package provides no fewer than TWELVE supporting articles clustered around your most important keyword. The most advanced on-page SEO technique, taken to a whole new level for maximum results.