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cosmetic aesthetics


Rankings updated 5th Feb 2019.

‘scar camouflage phoenix’

From 22nd to #1st on Google.com

‘areola reconstruction phoenix’

From 9th to #3rd on Google.com

‘scalp micropigmentation phoenix’

From 29th to #5th on Google.com

tailored micro ink


Rankings updated 5th Feb 2019.

‘scalp micropigmentation pa’

From 17th to 3rd on Google.com

‘scalp micropigmentation for scars’

From 100th to 4th on Google.com

‘hair loss clinic lehigh valley’

From 12th to 5th on Google.com

luxe micro


Rankings updated 5th Feb 2019.

‘scalp micropigmentation melbourne’

From 27th to 5th on Google Australia

‘hair tattoo melbourne’

From 30th to 4th on Google Australia

scalp masters of atlanta


Rankings updated 5th Feb 2019.

‘scalp micropigmentation atlanta’

From 91st to 6th on Google.com

‘scalp micropigmentation georgia’

From 87th to 5th on Google.com

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