Since our launch in 2014, Scalp Guru has grown to become the leading source of authoritative independent information for the scalp micropigmentation industry. We provide advice and guidance to more customers, both past and prospective, than any other scalp micropigmentation company or brand in the world.

As time has progressed, our business has become firmly entrenched in the wider world of permanent cosmetics. Many of our advertisers are permanent makeup artists or paramedical tattooists, and we supply hundreds of such businesses and technicians every month through our online store, and provide marketing advice and private consultancy.

We recognise the need for a similarly independent and authoritative resource, to serve both customers and industry professionals in all aspects of micropigmentation. Until now, existing resources have been lacking in information, tied to specific companies or brands, or simply don’t serve the community in the best way possible. For this reason, we have taken the decision to broaden our scope and serve all facets of permanent cosmetics, including scalp micropigmentation, with a formula of reliable information, great products and marketing solutions for technicians seeking a way to reach more customers.

To reflect this change, Scalp Guru is being repositioned under the Team Micro brand.

What changes will you notice?

  • Our website, including our online store, has moved to the address
  • Advertisers and store customers will see Team Micro on their monthly credit card statements.
  • Our website will attract more traffic from permanent cosmetics customers and technicians, in addition to our current 2200+ daily visits associated with scalp micropigmentation services.
  • Additional product ranges, aimed at permanent makeup artists, will be added to our store.
  • Our main Facebook group will be Team Micro branded, but continue to serve SMP professionals exclusively.

What will remain the same?

  • The Meeting Of Minds conference will retain its exclusive focus on the scalp micropigmentation industry.
  • We remain fully committed to serving our scalp micropigmentation advertisers, old and new, with powerful search engine placements and innovative marketing solutions.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions relating to this change, please email me directly at

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