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What is SMP Multiquote?

SMP Multiquote is the new customer generation program for SMP artists.

Team Micro is the world’s largest and most popular destination for prospective SMP clients to learn more about the procedure. With tens of thousands of visitors per month, SMP Multiquote turns Team Micro traffic into real client inquiries for your business.

SMP Multiquote Pro is available worldwide. Membership costs US $95.00 per month and provides on average 3-5 client inquiries per month.

SMP Multiquote MAX is being rolled out worldwide on a city by city basis and supercedes and replaces SMP Multiquote Pro. Leveraging our powerful multi-channel marketing platform, SMP Multiquote MAX provides 20-40 high quality inquiries per month. Membership costs US $795 per month, is strictly limited and subject to verification checks.

CityMultiquote MAXMultiquote ProPrice p/monthApply
Boston, MANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Buffalo, NYNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Charlotte, NCNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Cherry Hill, NJNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Chicago, IL1/4 Low availabilityNot availableUS $795.00APPLY NOW
Dallas, TXNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Denver, CONot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Fresno, CANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Greenville, NCNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Houston, TXNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Las Vegas, NVNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Los Angeles, CANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Miami, FL1/3 Low availabilityNot availableUS $795.00APPLY NOW
Minneapolis, MNNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
New York City, NY1/5 Low availabilityNot availableUS $795.00APPLY NOW
Philadelphia, PANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Phoenix, AZNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Pittsburgh, PANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Portland, ORNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Raleigh, NCNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Sacramento, CANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
San Antonio, TXNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
San Diego, CANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
San Francisco, CANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
San Jose, CANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Scottsdale, AZNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Seattle, WANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Totowa, NJNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Washington DC, MDNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Calgary, ABNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Edmonton, ABNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Montreal, QCNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Ottawa, ONNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Toronto, ONNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Vancouver, BCNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
BelfastNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
BirminghamNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
BoltonNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
BristolNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
CardiffNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
DoncasterNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
GlasgowNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
LeedsNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
LiverpoolNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
LondonNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
ManchesterNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
NorwichNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
SheffieldNot availableAvailableGBP £75.00APPLY NOW
Adelaide, SANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Brisbane, QLDNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Melbourne, VICNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Perth, WANot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW
Sydney, NSWNot availableAvailableUS $95.00APPLY NOW


Find out which version of SMP Multiquote (Pro or MAX) is available in your city, and check current availability.


Membership is by application and subject to acceptance of our terms and our verification process.


When a prospect in your city requests an SMP Multiquote, you will receive the inquiry by email.

Yes, but not as you know it.

Regular lead generation is derived from paid social media ads, resulting in poor quality leads and a low contact and conversion rate.

SMP Multiquote leads are mostly derived from Team Micro’s vast direct and referral traffic, organic Google search and highly targeted search ads. Whilst we do use social media ads, they are a small contributor to the overall mix.

This results in leads with a much stronger buyer intent, leads that are much more likely to convert into bookings.

The number of enrolled artists in each city varies from 2 to 5, depending on the size of the city and the estimated volume of inquiries per month.

Larger cities produce more inquiries and can accommodate more enrolled artists. Smaller cities produce less, so we limit the number of artists to 2 or 3.

Whether you receive more inquiries that are shared with more artists, or fewer leads shared with a smaller number of artists, the value received as a member is about the same for all locations.

The SMP Multiquote program is in the midst of a worldwide rollout. We add new cities as quickly as can, however as all applications are manually reviewed and verified, this can take some time. If you believe your location should be prioritized, please join our waitlist and we will review your request.


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