what is a gold certified clinic?

Gold Certified recognizes the most established and experienced clinics that consistently uphold the highest standards. Gold Certified status is granted only to the very best providers that have proven themselves over time, and can be relied upon for world class results and excellent customer service.

Members must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Provide SMP treatments for 4 years or more
  • Demonstrate a substantial and varied client portfolio
  • A high standard of client care with an acceptable and proportionate level of complaints
  • No bad business practices (i.e image theft, excessive slander, unethical conduct)

the worlds best technicians are team micro certified

John Chandler

Scalp Co: Sacramento

Sabine Dillen

Prohairclinic: Antwerp

Seif Sidky

International Hairlines: Boca Raton

Carlos Montes

Scalp Micro: Puerto Rico

Pam Neighbors

Trillium Ink: Seattle

Caitlin James

SMP Australia: Adelaide

Lorraine Connolly

Scalp Therapy: Glasgow