This is a general update to cover off a few things. This notice was originally posted in our Facebook Group.

Team Micro is the worlds largest scalp micropigmentation community. Team attracts more traffic than any other site in the industry, we operate the largest FB group of its kind, and we advise and refer hundreds of clients every month through one-to-one requests. As a result of this growth, many companies and individuals now seek to use the Team Micro platform to promote their businesses to potential customers by contributing to our content, either on our website directly or through one of our social media channels.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in discussions, and we value every post and comment. Time is precious, and we appreciate that you would dedicate even a small portion of that time to Team Micro. However, if you are promoting treatments, training or products, you must become an advertiser first. Absolutely every promotional post you see in this group is backed by some kind of advertising agreement. More information on our advertising page.

Please note also that Team Micro is for scalp micropigmentation only. This is not the place to post your SPMU links and events. On this note, please also be aware that we currently remove 3-5 spam posts per week added by various individuals promoting Adi Schendel, without permission and despite repeated requests to refrain from this activity. Continued posting is unprofessional and disrespectful, and further posts of this nature will result in immediate exclusion from the group.

We receive an increasing number of requests from clients, asking us to help them secure refunds for unsatisfactory results or even to back their complaints against clinics through various litigations. We currently receive 2-3 requests per month of this nature, usually from US clients. Please note that whilst we wish every client a successful and liberating treatment experience and we have empathy and compassion for the relatively small proportion of clients who do experience difficulties along the way, Team Micro is not the ‘SMP police’. We are not set up for that kind of service, and are ill-resourced to assist in this manner. We advise all clients to do their research, manage their expectations, complain directly to the company if their expectations are not met and pursue litigation only when all other avenues have been exhausted. I’m sorry guys and girls, but it’s not our fight.

Equally, we receive a large number of well meaning questions like “Good Look Ink, Scalp Micro USA and Scalp Aesthetics….. which is the best provider?”. Aside from the fact that the ‘best’ provider varies depending on a wide range of factors, not least the needs of the individual, I do not believe that anyone in this industry is qualified to make that kind of judgment, ourselves included. This would be doing a massive disservice to all those technicians who produce amazing work day in day out, but don’t necessarily make all their work available to view in the public domain.

If you receive one of our emails and do not wish to receive any more, please do not respond to the email. Simply click the unsubscribe link in the email footer. Please note all our commercial email campaigns are fully compliant with the law and although we may email you on behalf of some providers, we never sell or pass on your data.

A note on impartiality. Team Micro is independent, and is not owned or managed by any clinic. The advice we provide is honest and truthful to the very best of our knowledge. It is true that we only promote those companies that advertise with us, but given that every major SMP company in the world advertises with us, and almost all of the well known boutique providers do too, this has virtually no bearing on our impartiality. Bad providers cannot buy their way into Team Micro, and we have turned down advertising deals from 15-20 providers in the last year or so for this reason alone.

We do not know absolutely everything, and we make no guarantee that we are always right, but we do our best to provide accurate, independent information you can trust. Our secondary yet equally important aim is to create and promote unity and collaboration in the industry, bringing competing providers together, sharing and promoting information and best practice for the benefit of all. If there is anything we can do to improve our service, please let us know.

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