Guys and girls, I’m going to be blunt (for a change 😂).

If your main marketing activity is making yourself look good by putting other providers down, you’re doing it all wrong.

If your About Us page talks about the ‘lightbulb’ moment you had after seeing all the botched work out there, and all the repair jobs you have to do, you’re focusing on the wrong message.

This is negative fear-based marketing. The 90’s called, they want their bullshit back.

You may be the best tech in your city, state or country. You may be truly frustrated with all the repair work you’re having to do. You might even feel it’s your responsibility to ‘warn’ people about bad providers. But keep that message away from your marketing strategy.

Customers don’t like it when one provider talks bad about another, and much of the time they simply won’t know if you’re telling them the truth, or in fact if you’re the tech they should be avoiding.

I know it’s frustrating, but stay in your lane and focus on your own work. Marketing in SMP is ultimately a very simple 4 step process.

  1. Do great treatments
  2. Take great photographs
  3. Make sure people see your work
  4. Follow up on every inquiry

Forget self-proclaimations about being the best, the most experienced, the best trained, the best trainer, the ‘fixer’ of bad jobs, the first established etc etc.

Instead, focus on the client experience. Make it real. Show what you can do and have your customers tell others what you can do.

Put in some hard work and get ranked on Google. Forget about likes. Build a genuine social media fan base who want to see your work and give them value at every opportunity.

Get your clinic looking nice with some branded wall art, decent fittings and some home comforts. Get some damn business cards… so many techs don’t have this basic essential or have really bad cards!

Get educated about marketing. This is an essential skill in business, never an afterthought. No marketing, no business.

Above all, as per the original message of this post, don’t bash others. If you want to be no.1, act like a boss and stay in your own lane. The dividends will follow.

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