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We’ve given ScalpGuru.com a facelift. The site design has remained virtually unchanged since its launch, but since then, our audience has changed beyond all recognition.

There were a number of areas of the site that we wanted to improve, to provide our community with a better user experience and to maximize the exposure enjoyed by our advertisers.

We’ve made a ton of tweaks and changes. Here are the most significant updates:

  • The overall appearance of the site has been improved.
  • Main menu provides better access to the most important content, with a larger and more logical structure.
  • The Clinic Directory has been completely restructured to make it easier for clients to identify clinics in their home country. This is an important change and makes the Directory much more user-friendly. Positioning of listings within each country remains randomized.
  • We’ve added Clinic Directory listings to the home page.
  • We removed the contact forms from Clinic Directory listings, following feedback from advertisers. All listings include the clinic phone number, email address and website. We don’t want to distract prospective clients with an unnecessary form to complete.
  • Permanent SMP and temporary tricopigmentation content has been merged, to reflect the ever-increasing synergy between the two procedure types.
  • We retired the forum. We tried it, it didn’t work out. In hindsight, Scalp Guru’s real strength is providing an industry-leading archive of information. That’s why prospective clients like Scalp Guru, so we’re sticking to what we do best. Discussion is best facilitated in our private Facebook group anyway.
  • We added an Image Credits page to thank clinics who allow us to use their photos on a regular basis.
  • We added a dedicated section for technician bios. We plan to publish many more bios in the coming weeks and months, to highlight the stars and rising stars of our industry.
  • The training section has been restructured to make it easier for prospective trainees to find training schools in specific regions. Positions have been randomized.
  • Several improvements for mobile users.
  • Implemented caching and gzip compression plugins to optimize site speed.

There are many more improvements in the pipeline, but we have to launch the site in stages, otherwise it’ll turn into a neverending project. Here are some further improvements on the way:

  • Moving the site to https:// for enhanced search engine rankings.
  • Further improvements to site speed.
  • A recruitment section for technicians looking for employment or partnership opportunities.
  • A video archive showcasing the best the industry has to offer.
  • Restructure of individual Clinic Directory listings.

We hope you like the changes so far. We’ll let you know as further improvements are implemented.

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