Rencontre Taryn Quinterri, une pionnière de la théorie des couleurs pour les artistes de la micropigmentation du cuir chevelu.

Taryn Quinterri is co-Founder of Cosmetic Aesthetics and hosts a comprehensive scalp micropigmentation training program with partner Steven Greitzer.

Born in Tucson and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Taryn started doing her friend’s hair and makeup as a young girl. Little did she know it would eventually lead to her career.

She studied at Universities for a couple years and switched her major every semester. She knew there was something out there but couldn’t figure out what. To make a long story short, and Taryn loves telling her client’s this story in person, Taryn had a tattoo removed that she had received while she was under the influence of alcohol. She of course did not like the result and her mother came to the rescue and bought her a package of laser tattoo removal treatments, having no idea if it actually worked or not, but figured, let’s give it a try.

It worked, right before her curious, excited eyes, and ever since wanted to be involved in the cosmetic tattooing, laser and skin industry. If it weren’t for her mother helping her out and surprising her with a gift of a tattoo removal package, she may have never found her calling.

She enjoys sharing her experience because it goes to show you sometimes the biggest mistake of your life can open up a door for opportunity. Taryn does not take her found love for this industry for granted. She tells all how blessed she is to have fallen into this career by making such a terrible life decision. Taryn has other tattoos though; don’t let this story fool you. She is not against them by any means but takes great pride in offering tattoo services that look invisible, and enhance your natural beauty.

Taryn has such passion in what she does that the learning of her skills did not stop after graduation of schools and getting her initial licenses and certifications. She continues her education still to this day to stay on top of the latest, hottest techniques and products out there.

In October of 2014 she attended a cruise with the American Association of Micropigmentation to the Bahamas, and attended classes from technicians all around the world. In February of 2015 she visited Italy to learn from more world-renowned Master Micropigmentologists. She attends continuing education events with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals every year, has an expert understanding of all contraindications, and now has started hosting her own continuing education events as well.

Taryn has always loved the gift of giving, and now she gets paid to give and help others in her own way. Taryn specializes in scalp micropigmentation, tricopigmentation and hairstroke eyebrows. She has been said to have customers fall asleep while getting facials, even sometimes getting a cosmetic tattoo. She also purchased her first Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenating platform in 2013 and has grown her name worldwide since then for all of her company’s services.

Although she cannot bring her laser with her everywhere, her artistic mindset and hungry for information brain doesn’t let her sit still. Some of the Top people in the industry she has been mentored by, or heard speak at seminars during conventions are but are not limited to, Nataliya Yeremenko, Toni Belfatto, Alina Soliveva, Linda Dixon, Tina Davies, Doreen Lindgren, Anna Savina, Daria Chuprys, Teryn Darling, Lynette Scherr, Rhonda Vacanti, Nancy Gagliardo, Joyce Carusoula, Jodi Stoski, Margerie Grimm, Will Anthony and more.

Taryn actually was under contract with one of the largest scalp micropigmentation companies in the world for one year, and left the company as soon as her contract was up to pursue further knowledge in the subject than she felt they weren’t providing.

Taryn is a member of the American Association of Micropigmentation and Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Her goal was to own several Medi-Spas within five years and she’s done just that, having six locations throughout the United States. Anyone that knows her will vouch for her, that when she puts her mind to something, she gets it done. Taryn often works on patients with cancer for free as her way of giving back to those who have truly struggled.

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