GLO Skin & Laser
New york city, new york

We offer best in class service, unrivalled technology and medical grade skincare. This enables us to provide clinically proven results and expert advice to all of our clients, while also delivering an experience that’s better in every possible way.

The term “Soft Surgery” is used to describe the treatment because it delivers results similar to surgery, with no scalpel, stitches or bandages and minimal downtime. A minimally invasive procedure with much lower risk and at a more affordable price then actual surgery.

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FB USA: Purebeau Academy

Purebeau Academy
New york city, new york

Avoid costly and risky cosmetic surgeries such as eyelid correction. Fibroblast, new revolutionary non surgical lift treatment is highly effective, remarkable alternative to surgery.

During the procedure tiny plasma flash also referred as an electrical arc is being discharged from the tip of the Fibroblast handpiece. The tool itself never touches the skin however plasma flash creates a tiny dot upon the contact. There is no cuts, no blood. This innovative technology uses sublimation process, turning solid directly to gas to tighten skin tissue. Targeted tissue sublimate, causing no damage to surrounding areas or deeper skin layers.

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Precision Spa
New york city, new york

This gorgeous new spa combines cosmetic tattooing services and aesthetics with a decadent, pampering vibe in a safe and relaxing environment.
Whether you’re coming in for semi-permanent makeup, a relaxing facial, or another beauty treatment that are all administered by certified and licensed NYS aesthetians, you’ll definitely be coddled and catered to accordingly.

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