FB USA: Kagan Institute

Kagan institute
Los Angeles, California

Dr. Kagan is committed to exceeding every patient’s expectation through state of the art technology and innovation. Dr. Kagan’s experience, reputation and commitment to excellence have earned him national recognition as one of the top eye and aesthetic surgeons in the United States. He is only one of a few physicians in the USA who is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and has extra subspecialty training in corneal and refractive surgery as well as ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. That is why Dr. Kagan is one of a few physicians in LA who can offer a full spectrum of advanced vision correction and facial plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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FB USA: Isabelle Franco PMU and Skin Clinic

Isabelle Franco PMU and Skin Clinic
Los Angeles, California

Fibroblast Tightening treatment is a revolutionary method for a perfect facial rejuvenation.

The term “Soft Surgery” is used to describe the treatment because it delivers results similar to surgery, with no scalpel, stitches or bandages and minimal downtime. It is important to have in mind that surgical methods are far more expensive and the surgery risk of anesthesia, stitches, swelling, long downtime, possible complications, bruises are very common, while the end results are comparable with the Plasma Fibroblast treatment. A minimally invasive procedure with much lower risk and at a more affordable price than actual surgery.

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FB USA: Beauty Religion Aesthetics

Beauty Religion
Los Angeles, California

Here at Beauty Religion in Los Angeles, we specialize in Plasma Fibroblast treatment, a non-surgical skin tightening procedure for tightening and lifting sagging skin on the face and body with a plasma device. Our exceptional medical spa offers Plasma Fibroblast treatment to clients residing in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas in Los Angeles. If you want to get rid of the lines and loose skin around the areas of your upper and lower eye lids, lower face and jawline, neck, abdomen, etc., the Plasma Fibroblast treatment may be right for you! Let our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of cosmetic dermatology experts determine if you are a good candidate. Plasma Fibroblast treatment provides instant and permanent results!

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