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Skyn Studio
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Plasma fibroblast has increased in popularity due to its many advantages over surgery. There is less downtime, it’s less expensive, no cutting of the skin and no stitches. This means you can return to work even sooner.

Plasma skin tightening is relatively new in North America but has been safely and effectively performed in Europe for many years. The precision device works by utilizing the voltage in the air between the device tip and skin to release a plasma charge. This electrical stream, or arc, instantly shrinks the skin in the targeted area. The tissue retraction give results that are comparable to invasive surgery.

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Mints Medical
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At MINTS Medical, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad and his team offer Plasma Blast treatment. Give us a call or book a free consult online to schedule an appointment.

Plasma blast is a non-surgical procedure for skin tightening, which can help achieve browlift as well as eyelift without any surgery. It is also useful for the removal of scars, warts and skin tags.

This revolutionary technology makes use of plasma that is made when atmospheric gasses are ionized in order to cause the skin fibers to tighten and contract.

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