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Edinburgh, Scotland

Fibroblast is a revolutionary new procedure which requires NO surgery. That’s right, not a scalpel or needle in sight. The procedure has been designed to lift and tighten the skin with almost instant results with a non-surgical, non-invasive approach, shrinking excess skin, banishing bags and wiping away wrinkles. Sounds too good to be true right – but it actually works…

The fibroblast hand-piece delivers plasma flashes with micro-millimetre precision. These point flashes minimise the skin in its immediate vicinity, which reduces excess skin, tightening the area as it heals. A series of tiny brown spots are strategically placed, targeting the blasts in areas which require treatment for tightening or firming.

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Perma Bella Permanent Cosmetics
Edinburgh, Scotland

This fantastic treatment tightens and shrinks away excess skin by way of a non-invasive and non-surgical method.

This breakthrough method is quickly becoming the most popular way of achieving permanent results while maintaining a natural look. It achieves amazing results for hooded eyelids, crow’s feet, smokers’ lines, under-eye bags, wrinkles and more.

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