On ScalpGuru.com, and it’s associated social media channels, you will find many high quality images that really help to bring the world of scalp micropigmentation to life. Photographs that provide a snapshot view inside a clinic, of a technician working on a client, or a completed or partially completed result, make it much easier for prospective clients to visualize the process. We are convinced that photographs greatly increase the number of clients who ultimately choose to have a scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Most of the photographs featured by Scalp Guru belong to various scalp micropigmentation clinics. These photographs are usually used with the expressed permission of the owner, but at the very least, are re-published on the understanding that they can be removed again quickly, upon request. If we’re using a photograph that belongs to you or your company, and you’d like us to stop using it, please let us know.

We cannot thank every clinic for allowing us to use their photographs, as they are simply too numerous. However, we would like to thank the following clinics as we use their content regularly, and we appreciate it very much:

  • Brandwood Clinic
  • Pigmentalia
  • HIS Hair Clinic
  • Scalp Aesthetics
  • Scalp Micro USA
  • Skalp Clinic
  • Vinci Hair Clinic