Scalp Micropigmentation Artist Leads The Way In Maryland

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I remember the first time I met Danny Yerenburg at the Scalp Aesthetics conference. The location was Scottsdale Arizona, on a warm October day back in 2016.

Naturally at events like these, you expect to meet many people you haven’t seen before, and that was certainly the case this time. Meeting Danny however, stood out for me for a number of reasons.

To put this into context, Danny Yerenburg was, at the time, arguably Scalp Aesthetics most successful affiliate. A hugely talented Master Artist, Danny completely dominated the Washington DC market where he was located. I’m not sure whether he had any local competitors at the time, and if he did, they certainly weren’t well known. The bottom line for customers in Maryland was simple – Danny Yerenburg was your man.

Results like these are standard at Scalp Allure

I was understandably curious to meet the man who had achieved such success in a relatively short space of time, but as it turned out, Danny was nothing like I expected.

As conversation flowed over breakfast, I learned why Danny was so successful. I met a man who, despite his obvious talent, was humble and caring and so obviously wanted to run his business in a way that put his clients first. In stark and unfortunate contrast to how so many others were running their clinics at the time, Danny’s compassion was easy to see.

In an industry as personal as scalp micropigmentation, where decisions are based on trust, compassion matters.

I always wondered why Danny was affiliated with another brand like Scalp Aesthetics, when he was clearly capable of finding success on his own. When I heard he was breaking away in early 2018 to operate under his own Scalp Allure brand, I was really happy for Danny because he finally had an opportunity to run his business his own way.

I caught up with Danny a few weeks ago to see how he was doing. It turns out, not much has changed. He’s still the go-to guy in Washington DC for scalp micropigmentation, he’s still booked solid and he’s still turning out world class work. He’s added a training program to his repertoire to teach the next generation of SMP technicians, his offices are larger now to accommodate his expanding staff, but the core of Danny’s business remains the same – providing great treatments and treating his clients fairly.