Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Warsaw

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Approved Clinics


After years in the Aesthetics industry and with a devotion to new innovations, Micro Hair Clinic opened its doors to embrace the world of hair loss and, in particular, Scalp Micropigmentation treatments. Created as an off-shoot of their permanent makeup clinic, Naturalny Permanentny, Mikro Hair is one of Poland’s only SMP clinic and continues to grow, day-by-day.

Their approach is one which lends itself to both aesthetics and empathy owing to a deep understanding of the impact alopecias can have. Courtesy of this in-depth knowledge, they also share their wealth of experience through their comprehensive Scalp Micropigmentation training courses.

To book an SMP treatment or discover more about their training facility, you’ll find all contact information on the website or alternatively, you can visit them at Przytulna Street 1 in Julianów. For out of town visitors they are a quick and easy 15 minutes from Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Centrum Mikropigmentacji, ul. Przytulna 1, 05-509 Julianów (obok Warszawy)