Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Thessaloniki

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Approved Clinics


Maria Koloni is an experienced licensed esthetician who was trained in PMU and SMP scalpmicropigmentation in Rome, Instabul, Beograd, and Sulmona and she was one of the first to implement SMP-micropigmentation techniques in Greece.

She has participated in many conferences around Europe and she has represented her country in two conferences of Meetings of MINDS in Manchester (2018) and London (2019).

Since 2018, she has been collaborating with two medical clinics in Stockholm and Skara, Sweden and one in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has also her own and first SMP clinic in Thessaloniki where she, as a certified trainer, gives seminars and offers SMP – PMU treatments.

Kerasountos 79, Kalamaria 551 31, Greece