Dermagrafix: Our Growing Green Initiative

Dermagrafix, located in Doylestown, not far from Philadelphia PA, has always been committed to the best in terms of quality, top staff education, customer service, and practices. Having known Dermagrafix CEO Valerie Weber for almost four years, her commitment to upholding the very highest standards, in every aspect of the Dermagrafix business, never ceases to impress.

Before their recent expansion took place, Valerie realized that her company was about to triple in size, not just in terms of square footage, but her staff numbers as well.

My thoughts, as any business owner would think of were in terms of new expenses which led to thinking about waste and then of course our environment. I decided it was no longer good enough to stick by the same principals but with our expansion we had an opportunity to do better for our local community, our environment, and set a good example for the many students we teach every year.

What started as a few practical changes to the business, quickly turned into a much larger project. Valerie researched everything from the plastics her company was using, to the range anesthetics used in her treatment rooms and their waste disposal contracts.

We learned a lot, and as a result, implemented some great things into our beautiful expansion. I also found out that many of the professional products we were already using were meeting our new brand requirements. This was great news to me!

The team at Dermagrafix, headquartered in Doylestown Pennsylvania, strive for perfection and quality in all that they do. Every member of the team puts their heart and soul into their work, waiting for the look of amazement on their clients face. Every day they strive to attain the best for every customer, which is why they decided to focus more on environmental, personal and community health.

Many of the great products already in use at Dermagrafix, including their anesthetics and SMP pigments, were already eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. Valerie and her team are now phasing out products that no longer meet their brand requirements and environmental objectives.

From now on all Dermagrafix clients can expect to have a completely eco-friendly and vegan tattoo experience which includes:

  • Products must be in eco-friendly packaging, come from recycled materials, or be able to be recycled.
  • Professional products must meet our brand criteria and be vegan, cruelty free, and be packaged in recycled or sustainable packaging for recycle when empty.
  • Other plastics and paper goods that are sourced from recycled materials and able to be recycled again. We have eliminated plastic drinking cups for clients and replaced them with a compostible equivalent.
  • We have gone paperless withe the exception of a daily intake form which reduces paper use of about 90%!
  • LED lighting was installed throughout the facility to reduce energy consumption
  • We added Eco Star appliances in our break room!
  • Recycled eco-friendly flooring was installed during our recent expansion and recycled and organic furnishings were used as much as possible with in safety limitations.
  • Retail products must now be in sustainable packaging such as glass, cardboard, or from recycled plastics. We ask you recycle or repurpose them at home. We are also trying to become a “TerraCycle” drop off zone where we can collect used  hair, body, skin and makeup packaging for recycle. These items cannot go in our regular recycling bins at home ?
  • Staff uniforms are made from eco-friendly fabrics too!
  • Our medical waste once sterilized and incinerated is turned into energy through our waste management provider.

There is only one product that Valerie keeps on hand, which is Epinephrine solution for heavy bleeders. This product is derived from animal or human based adrenal glands, however they can omit this from your procedure at your request.

Valerie and her team hope their efforts for a healthier environment will create a more valued experience at Dermagrafix, for our environmentally and socially conscious clients.

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