Meet Master Scalp Artist Chris Lopez

“An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.” James McNeill Whistler

The New Yorkers who book with Christopher Lopez of Hairline Ink can vouch for that.

Christopher Lopez has been honing the artistic skills necessary to become a NYC micropigmentation technician for years. His background in the arts—his attention to detail, shading, perspective, folli-cle pattern, unique and calculated imperfections—makes his work nuanced and incredibly natural.

But why micropigmentation? Lopez says he could have seen himself pursuing other avenues with his art but he experienced first hand how the stigma of balding affected him and the men in the community he grew up in and wanted to do something about it.

Hair loss can feed into a vicious cycle for those already struggling. He saw this in his own father, working long hours to make ends meet. The more stress he would be under, the faster he seemed to lose his hair; the faster he would lose his hair, the more stress he seemed to be under.

Growing up how he did made Lopez keenly empathetic. Lopez first learned to channel that into his art.

I found myself always trying to draw different things I saw on the bus, on the way to school or just anywhere that I went, I always stared at different objects and mother nature and I would go home and draw what I had seen out in the world.

Eventually, genetics and environmental factors took their toll on him, too. Chris started losing his hair at only 18.

The shame and embarrassment of premature balding can be particularly difficult for men so young, and for Chris it was no exception. He tried everything to hide his quickly receding hairline, but by his mid-twenties he was desperate. His hair loss was so advanced that Lopez elected to have a transplant, but even then saw little to no change.

For years he thought there was nothing else he could do. He resigned himself to the fact he would be almost completely bald before thirty. The confidence and self esteem he had in his youth was gone—until he discovered scalp micropigmentation.

With scalp micropigmentation, Lopez not only found a solution to his hair loss, but a way to use his art in what he considers to be one of the most meaningful ways possible.

When I found out about scalp micropigmentation and had the treatment done, I knew it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It changed my life so much that I told myself: if I feel this good about getting this treatment, I wonder how much other people will appreciate getting it done by me […] and that brought me back to when I was young and wanted to help people out some-how in some way, and I knew that this was it. My work as a scalp micropigmentation artist is not just another job; it’s a life-changing career. I’m in it to help others improve their self-confidence and self-worth. If I can make others feel good about themselves through my work, then I’ve ful-filled my purpose. Scalp micropigmentation to me is unlike anything else I have ever been a part of because it literally transforms your life for the better in so many ways.

Chris now works at the Hairline Ink out of Manhattan.

Lopez was drawn to the studio because of the “brotherhood” they strive to create there. Hairline Ink only hires technicians that have undergone the procedure themselves and so they understand “where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re going.”

Even though balding is such a common occurrence, the embarrassment it causes for many leaves a lot of men feeling isolated. Lopez says he makes sure his clients know that they’re not alone.

He believes that this empathy is what drives technicians like him to take the extra time with their clients to make sure they receive the highest quality customized treatment—because they under-stand exactly what is at stake.

Hairline Ink recently released a video documenting the Chris’s work with New Jersey native Har-vey V.

Harvey says this of his treatment:

I work with a bunch of dudes who like to bust chops and stuff, but one of the guys who’s actually a lot balder than I was, he was pretty amazed at how my head came out after the first session.

Check out the emotional reveal after the second and final session below.

Harvey’s family even weighed in on the change.

This is my nephew and trust me when I tell you everything he says during his treatment is genuine and from the heart. He is beyond ecstatic at the results and these guys did an amazing job.

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