Marc Allen: Overcoming adversity and finding purpose

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop. This is likely the most important video you will watch this year.

Most of us understand that life can be hard at times. We all know what it’s like trying to balance the stresses of work, family, friends and finances, but sometimes people are faced with more serious adversity. A major health problem. The loss of a friend or relative. Struggles with mental health. Divorce. Sometimes we’re simply unable to cope and life leaves us in a really bad situation.

That’s exactly what happened to Marc Allen. Widely regarded as one of the world’s very finest scalp micropigmentation artists, Marc heads Creative Scalps in Crawley, just a few miles south of London. To the outside world, Marc appears to have it all – thriving family, successful business… but it hasn’t come easy for Marc.

This is his story.

As an industry we’re more aware of mental health issues now, a topic brought to centre-stage at the Meeting Of Minds last year by another of our colleagues, Craig Bottomley-High. We should be looking out for one another, especially while we’re dealing with COVID-19 right now and the challenges this is bringing to us all.

Marc would like to extend his support to anyone who needs it. No strings, just a genuine offer of help from someone who has been there.

To contact Marc, message him privately on Facebook, call him on +44 (0)7817 916954 or drop in for a coffee at Creative Scalps Hair Clinic, 14 Springfield Road, Crawley, RH11 8AD.

Creative Scalps

Marc has channeled his energy into producing some of the best scalp micropigmentation results we’ve ever seen. To learn more about Creative Scalps and what they’re up to, follow them on Instagram, check out their Facebook page and see their YouTube videos.

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