Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics In Lisbon

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Approved Clinics


One of the finest scalp micropigmentation specialists in Europe, and indeed the world, Scalp Micro Portugal is part of Crystalline Meridian, a first class micropigmentation clinic located to the north west of Lisbon.

The service available at Scalp Micro Portugal is customised to the needs of each client depending on their individual requirements. Both men and women can seek help from Miguel and his team, covering the full spectrum of hair loss conditions from standard genetic balding to hormonal imbalances, alopecia and drug-related thinning. The team is also highly adept at camouflaging scars and blemishes caused by hair transplant procedures, neurosurgery and general head traumas.

Contact the team to discuss scalp micropigmentation and how it can be used to help in your specific circumstances. Consultations are free, informal and without obligation.

Rua Emilia Das Neves, 8G Benfica, Lisbon