Introducing Scalp Micropigmentation Artist Karen Nicolaou

Colchester based Karen Nicolaou knows exactly where things stand when talking about the subject of creative destiny. In 2008, after spending nearly two decades in the police force, she quit the strong arm of the law to hop onto a considerably different train and has never looked back.

Never one to follow the trends, her life-changing career path made it’s U-turn when she became an apprentice tattooist which she diligently threw herself into for over two years. It was courtesy of this imaginative industry she discovered a deep and ardent passion for needle and ink. But along with this passion was a strong desire to never sit idle, and by this stage in the game, Karen had already become determined to move forward. She quickly became her own salon owner in Colchester and not only did she transform her business into the perfect model, but she also managed to expertly double its turnover in an outstanding 18 months.

With Karen’s salon now really booming, it was clear for all to see she’d a pretty acute business acumen. It was owing to this gift for commerce she began to notice there was a huge gap in the aesthetics industry. This was the point where a secondary U-turn was about to kick in. After qualifying to train, in 2008 Karen took an almighty gamble and introduced a relatively unheard of, yet completely contemporary and innovative treatment into her clinic.

That gamble was permanent makeup. Also known by the acronym PMU, permanent makeup does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s makeup and it’s permanent. Employing techniques that are pretty much the same as tattooing, Karen realised a transition into this industry would be easy for her, given her previous ink training. From this moment onwards, she began changing the way people looked overnight. She started to introduce new and cutting-edge treatments slowly but surely. Before she knew it Karen was recreating contours around lip lines, enhancing cupids bows, to implanting neatly defined eyeliners which will never run or smudge. After a very short time span, the gamble Karen had taken was paying dividends. The upshot of it all was an exchange from one needle and ink art form to another completely different one.

Colchester artist Karen Nicolaou has come a long way in a few short years. Her extensive investment in scalp micropigmentation training shows in her results.

Following on from this secondary U-turn in her career, Karen’s clinic that was continuing to go from strength to strength. There has always been a natural drive for Karen to keep moving forward and her constant thirst for progress, as is ever present today, was deeply ingrained. With her clinic thriving, the logical move was for her to take on board another brand new challenge. With her intense passion and ability to see the pinpricks in markets with potential, Karen decided to embrace yet another avant-garde procedure, known as scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation is a hair loss solution that treats an array of disorders including pattern baldness, a wide range of alopecias and works as a scar concealer, particularly with hair transplant patients. As with permanent makeup, Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that’s tantamount to that of a tattoo. Tiny dots of pigments are implanted into the scalp which traps colour under the top layer, resulting in an indelible mark. The dots that have been implanted are replicas of tiny hair follicles which serve as the recreation of a hairline, or camouflage the effects left from scarring.

Fast forwarding to the current day, Karen’s clinic has seen an expansion in 2018 in her clinic size and has, over time, introduced various new techniques including areola reconstruction and microblading. However, one of the most prevailing aspects of growth within the Karen Nicoloau empire has to be her training academy for permanent makeup, Microblading and Scalp micropigmentation.

To train with Karen for a rewarding career in any of the permanent procedures is simple. She is fully versed in all techniques and her experience and own personal training are rich and diverse. Having the accolade of Elite Advanced Artist and after receiving mentoring and coaching from names such as Karen Betts Nouveau Contour and Jonathan Gerow New York you’ll be hard pushed to find a better educator. Karen’s courses are only ever with small numbers, hosting a maximum of two candidates at any given time. Karen treats her courses as an intimate and closely knit affair, enabling the maintenance of maximum intensity and concentration levels.

If you’re looking to train with the finest in microblading, courses include all kits and blades and you’ll need to set aside between three to five days depending on your existing skill set, if any. If you’re looking to home in your already trained skills and want to be mentored by Karen, daily courses are also available. For Scalp micropigmentation the complete beginners’ course is over a four day period and certain equipment is included in the training course price. As with microblading, and brow work, mentoring options are also available. Each and every one of the Karen Nicouloau courses come with full accreditation and certification, once course case studies are complete.

So from detective to dermatics in the space of ten years. Where previously Karen had gone from being on the right side of the law, she swiftly moved to treating clients searching for inked dungeons and dragons creeping around their bodies. She’s now well installed in the beautiful world of permanent makeup and aesthetics and with her booming business, she’s keeping her feet firmly planted on the aesthetics ground. Her daily assignments involve patients from all walks of life and for an array of reasons. From hair loss sufferers to women requiring areola reconstruction right through to requirements for a red carpet brow line, Karen tirelessly works towards changing looks and lives on a daily basis.

To contact Karen Nicolaou, you’ll find her in her Colchester clinic on Osborne Street or alternatively, you can reach out to her via Facebook or Instagram. If you’re interested in discussing treatments or possibly training with Karen, why not book a consultation with her via her website at