Solihull Artists Paul Clark & Simon Lane Are Back In The Game

World famous scalp micropigmentation specialists launch exciting new venture at Brandwood Clinic in Solihull, Birmingham.

Paul Clark and Simon Lane are two of the world’s leading technicians with both reputation and history on their side. The duo have an impressive CV, having performed over 7,000 treatments in under five years. They are also credited with training many of the industry’s current technicians.

Brand new procedures

In their six-month sabbatical, the scalp specialists attained professional qualifications and looked at numerous methods of improving the procedures and styles available. The results of this work include a revolutionary 3D texturing effect. As Paul explains:

We’ve always been motivated by taking micro pigmentation to the next level, in terms of both customer care and technique. The 3D effect is one that many people have tried to conquer and we now believe we are able to bring that to the market.

They have enhanced their reputation as industry innovators by developing a brand new hairline. The Feathered Hairline is exclusive to Brandwood Clinic and features a softer approach to the duo’s previous market-leading ‘jagged hairline’ technique.

We believe it’s a more natural look’ Simon commented, ‘it’ll suit a lot more people.

If you want a three dimensional appearance using scalp micropigmentation, this is about as good as it gets

History on their side

Paul and Simon began their career with HIS Hair Clinic at the dawn of scalp micropigmentation, helping it to become established. Indeed Paul was the world’s first full-time technician, starting his career in 2010. Simon followed soon after, having been treated by Paul and recognising the benefits that the treatment could bring to others.

Their early work and innovation was noted for its authenticity and the two were widely in demand from clients across the world. They have excelled in the profession, working in Harley Street, Manchester and Los Angeles as well as at home in Birmingham.

This reputation led them to treat celebrities in the world of professional sport, music, TV, art and film. They are now looking forward to welcoming clients old and new to their new state-of-the-art facilities.

This really is the next level. We were always keen to raise standards in the industry and bring it into wider renown. We’re fully committed to doing that at Brandwood.

Top left: Paul Clark gets to work. Top right: The trademark ‘feathered’ hairline offered by the team at Brandwood Clinic. Bottom: Simon Lane begins a clients second treatment session.

Innovation is essential

Simon and Paul were generally known for their innovative approach, one which led to the launch of procedures to treat scars and alopecia. Within a few years of working together they introduced the jagged hairline, instantly transforming the realistic look available from scalp micro pigmentation. Paul recalls a recent conversation with a client who told him that his wife was unaware that he was suffering from hair loss. ‘He said that she was always telling him to grow it out a bit as he has such a lovely, full head of hair’.

Simon’s history of hair loss, devices, transplants and deep scarring gives him unequalled empathy with his clients and a heart-rending reason to be driven to excel. They followed the jagged hairline by launching a feathered style, one that can only be attempted by the most experienced practitioners.

Changing lives every day

Brandwood Clinic’s motto is ‘changing lives every day’, one that Simon and Paul feel committed to.

We see it all the time’ Simon said. ‘In the forums or in the clinic, people are on a journey to cope with and deal with their hair loss issues.

It’s most prevalent with alopecia’ added Paul. ‘We firmly believe that no treatment is more effective for areata and totalis than scalp micropigmentation and it’s an instant result. Everyone we see with alopecia is astounded at the results and it has certainly become an area of speciality for us.

State-of-the-art procedures

In making the leap forward the duo were keen to progress, putting customers at the centre of their thinking.

‘We needed a facility that matched our ambition and passion for scalp micropigmentation’ Paul noted. ‘The best way to do that was to work with other disciplines within a newly built facility and that’s what we’ve achieved at Brandwood’.

Alongside scalp work the Clinic also offers non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as semi-permanent make-up and radio frequency/cavitation procedures. Complementing the offering is a full health-screening service with a range of tests available including food intolerance testing and numerous screenings not routinely offered by the NHS.

The addition of these facilities means that the clinic is equipped to the highest standards. Seamless flooring and washing facilities in the treatment areas ensure that the risk of bacteria is reduced, even the walls are painted with washable emulsion.

‘It is without doubt a major step up from our previous experiences’, Paul said.

’It’s been really useful to work alongside other professionals, those who are considered to be the best in their field’ Simon added. ‘I think we can only benefit from those associations and the entire industry will also come into greater focus’.

Paul agreed. ‘We want to de-mystify the process and make it more popular. There’s no point in standing still and doing the same thing over and over again. We all have to improve and think in different ways. Within Brandwood Clinic we’ll always be able to do that, to continually innovate and push the boundaries. It’s vital for the industry as a whole and we obviously want to lead that.’

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