Paul Clark: 10 Years In SMP

Perhaps the best known artist in scalp micropigmentation, Paul Clark of Brandwood Clinic has hit a significant and very exclusive milestone. Entering the SMP industry for the first time in October 2010, Paul has worked as a full time scalp micropigmentation practitioner for 10 years.

I say this milestone is exclusive, but let’s examine how exclusive exactly. Some of the longest tenured artists in the United States and Europe have 8 or 9 years under their belts. There are a couple who perhaps offered basic versions of SMP many years ago, but none that I know of who work as full time SMP practitioners, and have done so consistently over time. I say this with a fair level of confidence – I do not believe there is any artist, anywhere in the world, who has been doing SMP full time for as long as Paul.

Not that it matters, I mean, Paul is a very humble guy and just feels blessed to be able to do what he does. But it’s an interesting observation nonetheless.

I remember meeting Paul at HIS Hair Clinic in 2010. At the time, barely anyone knew anything about scalp micropigmentation, but thanks to interest from local press, the clinic was getting busier and owners Ian and Ranbir needed help to cover the workload. Paul was working as a Barista in Starbucks at the time, while he completed his tattoo apprenticeship. A chance meeting over a latte followed, and Paul joined the team.

Early in his career, Paul worked with many people you may recognise – Ranbir Rai-Watson (top left), Matthew Iulo (top right), Simon Lane, Jack Sharp (middle right), Andra Dascalu and Hayley (bottom right)

HIS Hair Clinic is where Paul really cut his teeth as a practitioner, developing his art while working alongside colleague Simon Lane, and many other practitioners who are now highly recognizable in their own right.

This where my passion for SMP was lit! I met some of the greatest people, and many to this day are still very close friends. My time at HIS had its ups and downs but if it wasn’t for the support from my clients and friends, I might not have stayed.

One of the highlights of Paul’s early career was his appearance on Opinionated, the talk show by Frank Skinner. Scalp micropigmentation as a treatment for hair loss was placed firmly in the spotlight, introducing hundreds of thousands of people to the concept of SMP.

Opinionated was the first time SMP was shown on mainstream TV, and our work life was basically a snowball effect from then on. The world started to look deeper into SMP and take it seriously, and with that moment, SMP became one of the most talked about solutions for hair loss. All eyes were on SMP and what Paul and his colleagues were doing for clients in Birmingham.

Things really changed for Paul when, alongside long time colleague and friend Simon Lane, he decided to leave HIS Hair Clinic and seek new pastures. The duo joined forces with David and Steve and formed Brandwood Clinic.

This was a new chapter for us, and time for a fresh start. This time, it was to be done our way! We built a clinic and business that put our clients first, with strong ethics at the centre of everything we do. From this day on, my SMP life has never been better. I have been given the opportunity to be an artist, and push myself and my technique to the next level.

Time to innovate

Paul and Simon first created what was dubbed the ‘Jagged Hairline’ in 2012. This new style became the most requested in the industry, and still to this day is still most clients favourite choice. The days of defined hairlines only were gone, and variations of the technique were adopted worldwide.

The ‘Feathered Hairline’ was developed in 2015. Again, this was a brand new style that became an instant hit. A Feathered Hairline has a softer finish, best suited to clients looking for a more mature look.

The ‘Shadow Hairline’ followed shortly after, and is the softest hair we offer. We had a lot of clients asking for a diffused thinning look, so we created this style for clients looking for a shadow effect without defined lines.


As a prominent artist, well respected globally for his work, it wasn’t long before the awards and accolades followed.

The first ever industry awards were held at the Meeting Of Minds 2018, hosted by Team Micro in Manchester, UK. At these awards, Paul scooped the biggest award of the night – Outstanding Contribution To SMP.

This was such a great landmark for me, as it was the first time my peers within the industry could vote for artists we respected. Winning such a great award made me feel very grateful that my industry colleagues acknowledged the hard work I was putting in.

Paul and Simon accepting their awards at the Meeting Of Minds 2018

I have met some amazing people while working in SMP, and hand on heart, I can say some are my best friends. It was strange for me when I went to these awards, because at one time, it was only me. Now there are so many great artists, and we all have a nice community and support network. I love helping other artists develop their skillset and taking the time to talk about what’s happening in their worlds. Thank you to all those who have shown me love and support over the last 10 years.

Paul with colleague Wayne at the World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards in Orlando

This accolade was followed shortly at the World Scalp Micropigmentation Awards in Orlando. Again, this was a landmark event for the Brandwood team, who picked up no less than 6 awards in one night.

Brandwood Family

The company behind Paul Clark, and in many ways a clinic born of many of Paul’s ideals, Brandwood Clinic is located in Solihull, to the South of the city of Birmingham, England. Since its inception, Brandwood Clinic has established itself as a world leader in scalp micropigmentation, with some of the most experienced and talented artists in the business on their team.

The Brandwood family

The back-office team is the backbone of the clinic, and I thank them all wholeheartedly. When we opened 3 new clinics, I was over the moon to be working with my good friends Damon Ashcroft and and Danny Winn. These guys are so AWESOME and such great artists. It’s an honour to have such amazing people as part of our team.

Of course, let’s face it. If it wasn’t for our clients, I wouldn’t be here. I’m so grateful that people like my art and that I can help people. It’s such an incredible feeling to have someone trust you to help them. Thank you for having the faith.

Brandwood Clinic has trained many artists who have gone on to build reputable and successful businesses

Brandwood Clinic now provides services from four locations – Solihull, Manchester, Bristol and Cape Town. In addition, Brandwood Clinic also provide an industry-leading training program, teaching fundamental and advanced techniques to the next generation of artists.

How to contact Paul Clark

Brandwood Clinic
Shelly House
Farmhouse Way
B90 4EH
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)121 2969280