Introducing Paul Clark, The World’s Most Experienced SMP Technician

The name Paul Clark is synonymous with the scalp micropigmentation industry. He was the world’s first full time practitioner, and remains the most experienced technician in the business.

Based out of Brandwood Clinic in Solihull, to the south of the city of Birmingham, Paul has more than 6000 treatments to his name, spanning his 7 year career. Paul Clark is admired, not only by clients but also by industry peers. His ability as a technician is well documented, and aspiring technicians often use his hair replications as a benchmark when assessing the quality of their own work.

Back in 2009, Paul was working at Starbucks while he completed his tattoo apprenticeship, when he met Ian Watson of HIS Hair Clinic. A conversation ensued after Ian complimented Paul on his tattoos, following which, Paul ultimately became the first ever full time HIS Hair Clinic technician.

During his time at HIS Hair, Paul was instrumental in the development of several hairline creation techniques. These innovations would later become industry-standard processes to be found in every quality clinic around the world. The broken hairline and the jagged hairline, in common use now of course, were largely conceived during Paul’s time at Hagley Road.

New beginnings

Over time, Paul realised that a new challenge was needed to advance his career. He thoroughly enjoyed his time at HIS Hair Clinic, and the company had given him a platform to build his skillset and his reputation, but in late 2014 Paul decided to strike out on his own. Paul, with colleague Simon Lane and a small team of entrepreneurs, formed Brandwood Clinic in the suburb of Solihull, West Midlands.


Development work continued, manifesting in new feathered hairline options, a 3D scalp micropigmentation process and a unique rescue service for recipients of bad procedures. Paul also assisted the development of new pigments that are now used as standard during all Brandwood procedures.

Despite some scepticism, Paul was able to convince me that 3D scalp micropigmentation is actually a legitimate process, not just a phrase used by clinics for marketing. A few technicians may achieve a textured effect as a matter of course, but what Paul and Simon have brought to the table is a definite and deliberate process to create the appearance of real three dimensional stubble, quite an achievement when using nothing more than flat 2D pigmentation.

As well as delivering world class procedures, training new scalp micropigmentation technicians is Paul’s passion.

Paul has trained many technicians during his career, including some very successful individuals who have gone on to build great businesses and reputations of their own, and it’s a part of the job he always enjoyed. In October 2016, Brandwood Clinic launched an in-house training program for aspiring technicians. This enabled Paul to dive back into training, and he’s really enjoying this new challenge.

Paul has built a stellar reputation for himself through determination and hard work, and he has arguably become the world’s most requested technician. I asked Paul what he believes to be the main contributing factors to his phenomenal success:

All I care about is that the client is happy and the work I’ve done has a positive impact on their lives. I am here to help, so with that I give it my all with everyone, and nothing less. I am a perfectionist and an artist, so I feel that helps me a lot with my natural results.

I am very grateful to be here, doing my job and changing clients lives for the better. It really does fuel me, and makes me push myself to be the best for them, for Brandwood and my family.

What does the future hold?

Right now Paul is entirely focused on the delivery of great treatments and training. There are plans to create business opportunities for others under the Brandwood umbrella, and Paul will no doubt play a pivotal role in this new venture. Paul is also keen to delve into the world of tricopigmentation. The aim is to fully understand the tricopigmentation process and see what improvements can be made, with a view to further enhancing the treatment options available to Brandwood clients.

How to contact Paul Clark

Brandwood Clinic
Shelly House
Farmhouse Way
B90 4EH
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)121 2969280