Why buy ProTouch?

We supply over 1000 artists with the best cartridges for high quality, consistent results. Our latest MK2 Pro Cartridge builds on this success with a number of key improvements including:

  • Adjusted tapers to better suit micropigmentation processes
  • Lower friction polycarbonate casing
  • Improved integral needle stabiliser
  • Membrane backflow prevention
  • All needles now available in smaller 0.25mm sizes
  • 1 and 3 liners available in 0.20mm 'nano' size
  • New and exclusive flat and sloped needles
  • Fit all generic fitment machines including Cheyenne, Xion S, Bellar, RooK Quill etc

MK2 Pro and MK1 Origin: What's the difference?

MK2 Pro are specified and imported by Team Micro. MK1 Origin are imported exclusively for Team Micro by one of our import partners. The differences are subtle. MK2 Pro is an upgrade, featuring a lower friction polycarbonate casing and a slightly longer taper.

Our ProTouch MK2 Pro are by far the most popular cartridges in our store, used by over 1000 clinics worldwide. Available in a wide range of configurations including liners, shaders, round magnums and even flats and sloped needles, we have the right needle for every treatment. Our range also includes #6 gauge (0.20mm) and #8 gauge (0.25mm) 3 point liners favored by scalp micropigmentation artists around the world.

We actually retired our ProTouch MK1 Origin when our MK2 needles were launched, however many SMP artists had grown fond of the MK1, so we still keep it in stock. Available in 3 point liner configurations in #6 gauge (0.20mm), #8 gauge (0.25mm) and #10 gauge (0.30mm) diameters only.