Why you'll love Holy Ghost needle cartridges

Quite simply, Holy Ghost provides permanent makeup artists with everything they need from a needle cartridge, without the heavy price tag. Quality, reliability, consistency and durability, all rolled into one great product.


Recently been using Holy Ghost Cartridges after being given a few samples to try, after using them and buying a few boxes to try I am completely converted.

The seal on them is perfect. not too thick where as the machine feels like it struggles to push it, but not too thin where a stronger hitting machine tears through it.

Mostly I use liners for shading rather than lining and every one I have had has been sharp and consistent (I still eye loop carts and its the only brand so far that hasn't had to have one thrown away from a box).

From a customer service standpoint they are easy to get in touch with and always happy to help and for the price point there isn't anything better, why pay more for cartridges when you can get the same quality product for a much more appropriate price?

Going forward the only brand of cartridges I will be using is the Holy Ghost range from Ghost Cartridges and as long as they keep the quality and service then there's no reason to shop anywhere else.

Kyle Walker - PMU Artist