Headed by internationally acclaimed artists Jeff Villenas, Masoud Noory and Agnieszka Tarasiuk, Leaders SMP Academy offers industry-leading scalp micropigmentation training, with a mission to take the SMP industry to the next level.


E: info@leaderssmp.com
W: www.leaderssmp.com


  • PROGRAM COST:- $4500 (inc machine)
  • LOOK AND LEARN:- $500 (3 hour package)
  • LOCATIONS:- USA, Canada, Russia, France, Brazil
  • TRAINERS:- Jeff Villenas, Masoud Noory & Agnieszka Tarasiuk
  • DURATION:- 4 Days

About The Course

Leaders SMP Academy is a collaboration of world class scalp micropigmentation trainers Jeff Villenas, Masoud Noory and Agnieszka Tarasiuk. Highly successful technicians and business owners in their own right, Leaders brings together the best of the best for the ultimate SMP training experience.

This 4 day training program covers all the essential skills you need to excel as a scalp micropigmentation artist. In addition, students learn skin anatomy and hair loss causes and treatments, for a rounded program that provides a fully comprehensive education in SMP. Furthermore, the team also teach consultation technique, treatment photography and introduce online marketing techniques to attract customers.

The Leaders SMP team train in various locations around the world. Email info@leaderssmp.com for their latest dates, locations and availability.