One of the most respected scalp micropigmentation providers in the business, Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio in Doylestown is headed by Lead Technician Valerie Weber and trains scalp micropigmentation to an extremely high standard. Trainees learn not only the techniques required for great client outcomes, but the reasons and rationale behind the process.


T: +1 (267) 454-7464


  • PROGRAM COST:- $6200
  • LOCATION:- Doylestown, PA
  • TRAINERS:- Valerie Weber & Team
  • DURATION:- 5 days, 100 hours (40 in classroom)

About The Course

Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio has long been training some of the lead experts in the micropigmentation industry. Our comprehensive, detailed, hands-on course us designed to train those new to the SMP industry how to practice with precision, care, and excellence.

Students who take our course will learn to articulate the differences between the needs of men and women sufferring hairloss and practice accordingly. Our expert knowledge ,encouragement, and post-training support is transcended to our students for their success.

Professional kit and course manual are included. Machines are available for an additional cost, inquire for details. Students may bring thier own machine if it performs to our teaching style. All our courses include live model practice and observation. 6 month trainer support included. Three case studies must be completed post classroom training.

Certificate awarded upon successful completion. On-site and advanced training courses available.