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1. Adding A New Page

If you’d like to create a new page from scratch, follow this simple instructional video. Danny explains how to create a new page and get it live on your website.

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2. Duplicating A Page

Duplicating a page to create a new page is easy, in this video Danny shows you how to duplicate and existing page in order to create a new page.

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3. Removing A Page

Removing a page from your website is a simple task, in this video we show you how to remove any unwanted pages.

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4. Changing Text/Titles On A Page

If you wish to change text on your website follow our simple instructional video teaching you how to change both bodies of text and titles.

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5. Changing/Adding/Removing Images

In this video we show you how to edit, add and remove any images on your website.

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6. Adding A Gallery

If you require a gallery somewhere on your site, we have you covered! This video shows you how to add a new gallery and images to your website.

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7. Editing A Gallery

Whether you need to update or just change your gallery this video will show you how to make any alterations that you need.

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8. Adding A Video

Videos are an important way of providing information and results to clients, in this video we show you how to add them.

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9. Changing Site Colors

Changing the brand colors for your website is easy and this video shows you how to.

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10. Changing Fonts

Fonts can have a huge impact on the look and branding of a website, want to change yours? No problem.

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11. Changing Logo

Updated your company logo? Don’t worry changing your logo is easy, let us show you how.

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12. Changing The Menu

If you add or remove a page you will need to change your menu. Our websites make it simple, follow this video to find out how.

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13. Changing The Contact Form Email Address

If you change your email address you will need to change the contact forms email address in order to continue receiving your site messages.

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14. Change Social Media Links

Social media links help to you interact with your clients, make sure yours are correct! Or update them if you’ve changed your links/accounts.

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15. Design For Mobile & Tablet

Make sure your site looks good on mobile and tablet, in this video we show you how to make those changes.

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16. Site Revisions

Has a page messed up? Or has something changed that was fine previously? Revisions show you how to roll back a page to a time when it looked and worked fine.

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17. Editing Multi Language Websites

If you have a multi language website and need to make changes follow our easy to use guide on how to do that.

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