SMP for clients with alopecia: by Caitlin James

SMP for clients with alopecia: by Caitlin James


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Learn how to perform SMP treatments on clients with alopecia. The most comprehensive training of its kind, this online course is delivered by world-renowned scalp micropigmentation artist and educator, Caitlin James.

  • 9 modules and 34 lessons
  • Course approx 4 hours
  • Permanent access
  • Certificate of completion
  • Ongoing post-training support

Course Itinerary

All Team Micro Academy online courses are backed by our dedicated support group on Facebook. Join the group after your purchase and access support directly with Caitlin James, as well as past students, other Team Micro Academy trainers and our moderation team.

Welcome and introduction

  • Welcome and introduction

Before you begin

  • Learning our terminology
  • Hear from our client who underwent SMP to camouflage his alopecia

A comprehensive guide to understanding alopecia

  • Definition of alopecia
  • What is a t-cell?
  • Diagnosis of alopecia
  • The various forms of alopecia
  • What does it feel like when alopecia starts?
  • What can trigger alopecia?
  • Camouflage options for alopecia
  • Medical treatments for alopecia
  • What is the likelihood of hair regrowth?
  • Impact of alopecia on clients

The consultation

  • Alopecia and SMP consultations
  • Types of alopecia most commonly seen in consultations
  • Discussing the type of alopecia
  • The extent of hair loss
  • The right hair length
  • Changing hair loss patterns and maintenance
  • The skin tone
  • Discussing expectations
  • Drawing up a hairline


  • Pre-treatment advice
  • Potential complications

Hairline design

  • Design considerations for clients with alopecia
  • The 4 key areas of an alopecia hairline, and how to draw them
  • Drawing the alopecia hairline
  • Creating back of neck and hairline shapes
  • Marking zones for clients with alopecia totalis and universalis

Aftercare and maintenance

  • Aftercare instructions
  • Treating areas of alopecia areata and maintaining the look

Client case studies

  • Case study 1 – Male with alopecia universalis
  • Case study 2 – Male with alopecia universalis

Completion of training

  • PRO TIP – How to set yourself up for success during longer SMP sessions

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