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Team Micro is the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation brand and specialist marketing agency working with SMP and permanent cosmetics providers in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and beyond. More than 200 SMP clinics advertise on TeamMicro.com and our website attracts over 3000 daily visitors.

We have become the most trusted developer of custom websites and powerful search engine optimization strategies for micropigmentation professionals. From concept to launch, we have built more than 100 websites for artists and executed dozens of high level SEO campaigns, ranking clinics for thousands of keywords.

Our online store has become the go-to place for SMP and PMU artists worldwide. We supply pigments, needles and machines through our shipping centers in the UK and USA.

Finally, we are the Founders of the Meeting Of Minds, the worlds premier scalp micropigmentation conference.

meeting of minds

The worlds premier scalp micropigmentation conference, the Meeting Of Minds is the convergence point for the best and brightest talent in the industry. Attracting technicians, trainers and product manufacturers from around the world, the Meeting Of Minds is the essential event for everyone involved in SMP. The Meeting Of Minds brings together established and new technicians, specialists in permanent cosmetics, hair transplant surgery and medical micropigmentation. For businesses wanting to find success in SMP, there is simply no better place to be.

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Daniel Moore
website development & graphics

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Fern Dalton
website development & photography

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Debby Enness
client service

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Damien Porter

Damien handled marketing for HIS Hair Clinic, innovators of scalp micropigmentation, at a time when no-one had heard of SMP. Damien held this position for 6 years from 2009 to 2015, and played a pivotal role in growing the business from a single location to nearly 20 clinics worldwide.

He also worked at a senior consultancy level with Vinci Hair Clinic, another major industry contender, and later joined Scalp Aesthetics for 2 years, helping to restructure their business model and grow the company into the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation treatment and training provider.

As his career developed, Damien managed the marketing strategies for a range of boutique SMP clinics, primarily in Europe and the United States. Each scenario presented unique challenges, and his knowledge and deep understanding of the industry and the people in it, continued to develop.