, together with its associated Team Micro Facebook Group, it’s Instagram account and other social media channels, is owned, managed and authored by Damien Porter, an entrepreneur and business consultant based in the North of England.

Damien has owned successful businesses in multiple industries from publishing and consultancy to retail and ecommerce. Specialising in start-ups, his expertise is diverse with a unique combination of skills including strategic planning, search engine marketing, design, sales and distribution.

Damien has been heavily involved in the scalp micropigmentation business since 2008, and offers a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience. He has working relationships with a number of leading and boutique scalp micropigmentation companies, and has a broader knowledge of the SMP industry than anyone else in the world.

Damien handled marketing for HIS Hair Clinic, innovators of scalp micropigmentation, at a time when no-one had heard of SMP. Damien held this position for 6 years from 2009 to 2015, and played a pivotal role in growing the business from a single location to nearly 20 clinics worldwide. He also worked at a senior consultancy level with Vinci Hair Clinic, another major industry contender, and later joined Scalp Aesthetics for 2 years, helping to restructure their business model and grow the company into the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation treatment and training provider.

As his career developed, Damien managed the marketing strategies for a range of boutique SMP clinics, primarily in Europe and the United States. Each scenario presented unique challenges, and his knowledge and deep understanding of the industry and the people in it, continued to develop.

More recently, he has immersed himself in the tricopigmentation industry to further broaden his knowledge and perspective. Contrary to those who seek to promote one over the other, Damien believes the two sectors are complimentary to one another, and providers of each discipline should collaborate and grow together. is entirely independent. Damien has multiple relationships and business interests in the micropigmentation industry, however the position of remains one of neutrality. Damien is passionate about developing a platform where people can acquire trustworthy, unbiased advice without commercial interests getting in the way.

This driving motivation has enabled Team Micro to develop the world’s largest and most popular SMP community, with a successful relaunch into into the wider micropigmentation industry including permanent cosmetics and paramedical tattooing. The website itself attracts more than 2300 visitors daily, and the platform is used for advertising by more than 100 clinics, including virtually every major provider and a huge range of independent clinics.